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Escape The Ordinary. Own Your Spirit.

Today,  you can join ONE ROQ Vodka Club to become a privileged owner in our award-winning, luxury spirits company – and that’s not all.

J O I N  T A S T E 

Must Be 21 Years of Age

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5,350,000 shares @ 20c. per share

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About Us

We are a luxury-American spirits company reimagining what the spirit can be.

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Our Spirit

Our gold medal in the largest consumer judged tasting competition in the world is just the beginning. We are also gluten, sulfite and sodium free – the first of its kind.

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Our Beliefs

We believe a genuine lifestyle spirit should offer just that. That’s why when you Join The Club, we reward you with equity in our brand, an annual dividend, votes in company initiatives, access to special events, and more.

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 L E A R N 

Investing comes with risk. Read   all the offering material before deciding to join.

  T A S T E 

Taste ONE ROQ at anytime. Order now with promo code “ORVC.”

  J O I N  

Become an owner in ONE ROQ Vodka, and enjoy these Club Privileges.

J O I N  T A S T E 

Must Be 21 Years of Age


The Club


Join us, and enjoy us.

Equity / Ownership 

Own equity shares of ONE ROQ Spirits, LLC, making ONE ROQ  truly yours.

A Patronage Dividend

Receive a cash dividend from our earnings, in profitable years.

Upside Potential

Enjoy the potential upside as our company grows. Our goal is to IPO or Sell within 4 years.

Target Growth


Influence product design, new product introductions, Club Privileges, and more.

24/7 Concierge

Stock up or Gift your vodka anytime, anyplace. Perfect for home entertaining, holidays, birthdays, congratulations, thank-yous, and more.

VIP Events

Attend VIP special events  sponsored by ONE ROQ Vodka, coast to coast.

Escape The Ordinary Original Content

Our Quarterly Magazine covering home-entertaining, dating & relationships, culinary tips, and more.

Referrals Rewards

Drive the value of your equity by Inviting friends to join. Simple.

J O I N  T A S T E 

Must be 21 Years of Age




 “Own Your Spirit”


All Memberships include equity and the Privileges of The Club


Investment: $100-$449
(Shares: 500-2245)


Investment: $450-$2,499
(Shares: 2250-12,495)


Investment: $2,500+
(Shares: 12,500+)

J O I N  T A S T E 

Must be 21 Years of Age


Four of our Member Privileges are designed to optimize the Return On Your Membership Investment.

Member-Only Savings

Member save on purchases of ONE ROQ  via home delivery and in-store when promotions are offered. Member discounts can be as much as 50% off before shipping.

Member-Only Dividends

Members have the right to receive a dividend at the end of each year – in profitable years. Dividends may be deferred or donated to charity of a Members choosing, if elected.

Member-Only Referral Rewards

Members who refer friends to Join The Club in turn drive growth and value to their Membership investment.

Member-Only Upside

Members have the potential to benefit from an attractive rate of return as the company grows and  aims for a potential exit via Company sale or IPO.

View Projected Growth chart here.

J O I N  T A S T E 

Must be 21 Years of Age


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