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What is ONE ROQ Vodka Club?
ONE ROQ Vodka Club is the experiential lifestyle platform of ONE ROQ vodka. When you join, your purchasing ownership in the brand through a membership, and in return, receiving access to genuine lifestyle privileges that accompany it.
Why ONE ROQ Vodka Club?
ONE ROQ believes that genuine lifestyle spirit companies should offer genuine lifestyle privileges – this includes the opportunity to reap both lifestyle and financial reward.
How does the Club work?
  1. LEARN: Prospective Members are required to read all club offering material made available through the ONE ROQ Club website and our funding partner website, StartEngine.com
  2. TASTE: Before, during or after joining, prospective or enrolled members are able to order the product at their leisure through our 24/7 Concierge service via 1-877-Spirits.
  3. INVEST TO JOIN: When you are ready to join, proceed with the application and enrollment process (Note, Alcohol and Securities regulatory checks will apply). Once approved, simply invest. From here, you will be classified you into one of three Membership Levels representative of your investment amount. Once your investment is complete, be sure to follow prompts to download the ONE ROQ app, and create your official club account. From there, sit back, relax, and enjoy the privileges of the club.

For more information, visit our website at: oneroqclub.com.

What is the difference in Memberships?
The difference in Memberships is reflected based upon the amount you have chosen to invest. There are no other differences. All Members receive equal access to the Club’s Privileges.
What are the Club Privileges?

The Club Privileges include:

  • Equity: Align at the owner level with an internationally award winning brand targeting the potential of a future IPO or industry acquisition (exit).
  • 24/7 Concierge: Order or gift ONE ROQ Vodka anytime via the club. Perfect for stocking the home bar or gifting for special occasions. (Delivery restrictions may apply.)
  • Carry Requests: An app tool designed to allow you to request ONE ROQ at your favorite retailers. (In Development.)
  • VIP Events: Receive VIP access to local and regional events sponsored by ONE ROQ (In Development)
  • A Vote: influence company direction by casting votes on new product offerings, package design, marketing & ad campaigns, club privileges, and the potential future location of our destination distillery(s). More details as to unit holders’ votes are included in the operating agreement.
  • Quarterly Lifestyle Magazine (In Development)
  • Distribution: Receive an annual payment as a % of company earnings in profitable years – or when approved by the company.
  • Share The Club: Once a member, build the value of the company simply by inviting others to join the club. Simple.
Is investing in ONE ROQ legal?
Yes, ONE ROQ is conducting a Regulation Crowdfunding offering with StartEngine, a funding portal that enables us to offer directly to the public.
How much can I invest?
As an non-accredited investor, you are permitted to invest up to 10% of your annual income. Accredited investors may be allowed to invest more than this.
Where can I try ONE ROQ?
ONE ROQ can be purchased through our website for home-delivery at: ONEROQClub.com. In the future, the product will be made available in select retailers of your selection by using the “Carry Request” app tool. Note, restrictions may apply based on location and phase of our distribution plan.
Can I buy ONE ROQ in market, or just online?
If ONE ROQ is not available at your desired retailer already, we have designed an app too that allows you to submit Carry Requests to place ONE ROQ in frequented retailers of your choosing. Once you’ve submitted the request, we work to place the product within 7 to days at that establishment, on your behalf.
I ordered product online. When will I receive my first bottle?
Deliveries take 3-5 business days from the time you order (delivery restrictions may apply based on location).
Can I cancel my Membership?
You can’t ‘cancel’ your membership. However, if you elect, you may sell your membership after 1-year if you desire. (For more information, please read more on “Transfer Rights” in the Operating Agreement.)
Can I sell my member units back to the company?
You may be able to offer your membership units back to the company or existing membership, but only after 1 year.
What makes ONE ROQ mine?
When you join ONE ROQ Club, your buying a piece of the company and its brand in the form of equity units. Equity Units represent a financial interest in the company, which allows you to accept financial rewards as we grow, have a vote in company decision making, and align with the brand on a more intimate level when compared to other brands you may be accustomed to drinking. More details as to unitholders’ votes are included in the Operating Agreement.
What are the commitments of the club?
There are no commitments of the club after you join, but we do hope you find features of the club helpful in supporting the company’s mission and growth objectives, such as our 24/7 Concierge, Share The Club, and Carry Request tools.
Why would I join ONE ROQ?
Our commitment to principled drinking and counter-culture ethos is everything. We align ourselves with like-minded members who see-through the veil of mass-advertising and the dysfunction of big industry. We encourage everyone to be free, independent thinking consumers. If you enjoy the privilege of alcohol, why not form a deeper relationship with a brand you own, guide, and benefit from along the way?
What makes ONE ROQ better than Grey Goose, Ciroc, Titos?
ONE ROQ is a hand-crafted vodka of unparalleled quality and taste – developed with over half a decade of meticulous ingredient sourcing and disciplined recipe tasting. Our first place gold medal in the largest consumer tasting competition in the world is a testament to this claim. What makes us this good? Some say it is a secret recipe made from two of the purest and most iconic ingredients in the country: Mid-Western, American Corn and artisan Colorado Rocky mountain water. Others say it is because it may be first and only gluten, sulfite and sodium free vodkas in the world. But if you asked us, its our unwavering belief that an authentic lifestyle spirit should offer authentic lifestyle reward.
Is ONE ROQ better than Titos Vodka?
ONE ROQ and Titos have a lot in common. We both are made from corn. We both have won first place gold medals in large competitions. We both promote our American-made values. We both come from small beginnings. And we both represent an underlying resistance to foreign-owned brands. However, ONE ROQ and Titos differ in that we invite our drinkers to become more intimately connected with our spirit; to own our brand; to guide its direction; and benefit beyond the glass.
What kind of events will ONE ROQ sponsor / produce?
ONE ROQ will focus on sponsoring and producing events for its membership that include social mixers, concerts, sporting events, creative events and even galas. Members will be given VIP access to all events which may include complimentary food & drink.
Is One Roq Club legal?

Yes, ONE ROQ Club is legal, and we want everyone to be aware of the laws governing the company’s operation. The two important laws governing our operation include securities law called Regulation Crowdfunding (this is how we are able to accept money in exchange for equity in our company); and also, a Federal and State Alcohol Law known as the Three-Tier System, which governs the flow of ours goods through the supply chain.

The Three Tier System is a federally regulated supply chain requiring that all alcoholic producers sell their products to a licensed wholesaler, who in turn must sell to a licensed retailer, who in turn are able to sell to you. Because it could jeopardize our operations, it is important we state that ONE ROQ does not sell its products direct to its members, as this is would be in violation of the Three Tier System. In lieu, the company partners with industry approved, online portals that work with your local retailers to deliver our products to you. Our partner is 1-877-Spirits, a trusted online delivery service of alcoholic beverage for over 30 years – otherwise known as our Online Concierge.

For more information regarding these laws, please visit: SEC.org, TTB.gov or view our Offering Summary

Do I need to join to buy ONE ROQ?
No, you do not need to join ONE ROQ Club to buy ONE ROQ Vodka. But, you’ll miss out on all these incredible Club Privileges.
What are the benefits of joining?
Can I sell my equity?
You cannot sell your equity for 1 year, or until the company goes public, or is acquired by a larger company. In the event the company conducts an IPO on stock exchange, you will be able to work with our transfer agent to sell your stock. In the event the company is acquired, you will be able to receive payment for your stock to collect potential earnings.
Do I need to invest to join the club?
Yes, when you invest, you are in essence joining the club – and vice versa.
What is ONE ROQ’s valuation?
ONE ROQ is currently valued at $10,000,000.
What if my store/bar doesn’t carry ONE ROQ?
Use the ONE ROQ app to submit a Carry Request. We work to place ONE ROQ within 14 days in the retailer of your choice (delivery restrictions may apply based on location).
Do I get a discount buying ONE ROQ if I join?
Yes, as a Member you receive a lifetime discount of up to 40% product whenordered through the club. Note, due to Federal and State laws, ONE ROQ can not guarantee pricing or discounts in the market (i.e., in liquor stores, bars, etc). However, it is legal for you to ask your retailer if they would extend an owner’s discount.
How do I buy ONE ROQ right now?
You can buy ONE ROQ through our Online Concierge and have the product home delivered to you. All orders are fulfilled through 1-877 Spirits.com. Alternatively, you can also check local retailers. If the product is not available in local retailers, you can submit a Carry Request using your app. (Note, restrictions may apply based on your location and the stage of our distribution plan.)
Can I get a free sample before I join?
Due to state and federal liquor laws, consumers cannot receive free alcohol. Sorry 🙁
Will the cost of ONE ROQ come down over time?
Yes, the company will pass value onto its members as it achieves growth and economies of scale.
What is the difference between a Membership “Unit” and a “Share” of Stock?
“Units” are used to describe the measure of ownership when a company’s legal structure is a LLC. “Shares” are used to describe the measure of ownership in a C-Corp or an S-Corp. ONE ROQ Spirits is currently structured as an LLC, but will evaluate the advantages of converting to a C-Corp upon material growth of the company.
Will ONE ROQ always be an LLC?
ONE ROQ Spirits is currently structured as an LLC for tax purposes, but will evaluate the advantages of converting to a C-Corp upon material growth of the company.
Will ONE ROQ be available at major retailers?
Yes, ONE ROQ’s goal is to activate major retailers across the US and the world over the next four and half years. As a Member, you can help ONE ROQ enter retailers by using the Carry Request tool located in your Member Dashboard.
I invested but I can’t I login to the app/club?
Investments take 7-20 days to fully clear. To receive access to the Club you must first be fully invested. You will know when you are fully cleared when your investment status diagram in your Member account shows the final stage of “Funds Invested” – or when you receive your official paper work from StartEngine. From there, it takes just a day for ONE ROQ to send you your official Welcoming e-mail which allows you to create your Member profile and account. Here you will use your StartEngine e-mail and a password of your choosing. The ONE ROQ Members dashboard can be accessed via laptop or our app.
I am fully invested but am not receiving the welcoming e-mail from ONE ROQ.
If you do not receive the Welcoming /Create Profile E-mail from ONE ROQ within 1 day after your investment clears, we first suggest checking your spam or junk folder to see if it is there. If it is not there, you can use the Find and Create My Account link here: https://oneroqclub.com/find-my-account/
I’m a confirmed investor, have created a ONE ROQ Profile, but having trouble getting in.

If you created a Member profile with ONE ROQ, and are having trouble with your credentials, try creating a new password to reset your access.

If problems persist, e-mail tech support at: web@oneroqclub.com

How do I know when I am fully invested?
Investments take anywhere from 7 to 20 days to clear depending on the Company’s next disbursement. To check your status, simply login to your StartEngine dashboard and observe the investment status diagram. It must be on the final stage: “funds invested.“
I invested and now it is asking me to “Reconfirm”?
Reconfirmations are required when your investment does not clear in time before the Company conducts its monthly disbursement. A reconfirmation is required for your original investment to be submitted and cleared. If you receive a reconfirmation, reconfirm as soon as convenient.
How do I generate earnings?
By virtue of investing, you have the right to receive future earnings in the form of potential dividends or upside on equity as the Company grows and increases in value. As a Member-Investor, you can drive the value of the Company simply by inviting others to Join the Club.
Why do I have to place orders through 1-877?
Today, all online orders throughout the industry of 80 proof spirits must be fulfilled by a licensed retailer or 3rd party fulfillment service which works with retailers to ship products to end-users in states where direct shipping of alcohol is lawful.
Why is the cost so high to order bottles?
All liquor companies are bound by a federally mandated supply chain known as the 3-tier system, which requires produces (ONE ROQ Spirits) to sell to a licensed wholesaler (in every state we want to market). That wholesaler then turns around and sells to retailers, who then sell to consumers. Each of these tiers requires 25% to 35% margin. To add to this cost, UPS and FEDEX apply a special Shipping & Tax figure that is above standard. To offset the industry wide expense burden of shipping alcohol due to the laws, ONE ROQ has made the commitment to create periodic promotions with its fulfillment partner, 1-877-Spirits. ONE ROQ remains very optimistic that price will continue to become more affordable to its Members as sales volumes increase.
How do I make suggestions for company improvements?
You can submit recommendations anytime using our Contact Form at ONEROQClub.com or by logging in to your Member dashboard.
How long does it take to process a Carry Request?

Currently requests are processing between 30-60 days in distributed markets and 60-120 days in non-distributed markets.

The Company’s goal is to fulfill Carry Requests within 7-14 days once a complete distribution and sales infrastructure as been established.

When do I get my perks?

The Company has chosen to create a staggered Perk Disbursement Schedule for investors to help it manage its cash flow. The current schedule is as follows:

  • Investors who invested in Q4, 2018 will be authorized to claim perks in Q4, 2019
  • Investors who invested in Q1, 2019 will be authorized to claim perks in Q1, 2020
  • Investors who invested in Q2, 2019 will be authorized to claim perks in Q2, 2020
  • Investors who invested in Q3, 2019 will be authorized to claim perks in Q3, 2020
  • Etc. The above proposed claim schedules are subject to change at anytime.
What can I do to help ONE ROQ?
As a Member, you can use the Carry Request and Share The Club tools in your Member dashboard at any time to drive immediate value and growth to the Company, not to mention make ONE ROQ available at your favorite venues for your own personal – and business – enjoyment.

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