What is ONE ROQ?
ONE ROQ Spirits is the producer of the internationally award-winning Vodka label, ONE ROQ, and ONEROQClub.com, an exclusive online Wine & Spirits Membership for modern drinkers. Members receive access to monthly codes for ONE ROQ products & thousands of popular & rare wine & spirts brands; millions of fine dining, travel and entertainment rewards, and access to shareholder programs which offers potential financial growth in the Company.
Why was ONE ROQ created?
ONE ROQ believes that genuine luxury brands should offer genuine lifestyle rewards – this includes elevated access to superior products as well as the opportunity to own them, just like celebrities and financial insiders.
How does the Club work?
  1. LEARN: Prospective Members can visit our homepage at ONEROQClub.com to learn more about the benefits of Membership. Prospective Investors can learn more about investment by visiting our Offering page.
  2. TASTE: Before deciding to Join or Invest, try your first bottle of ONE ROQ 15% Off through the online Concierge/Marketplace.
  3. BECOME A MEMBER: When you are ready, click here to join Membership, or the Invest link to be become a Member-Owner. (Special Offer: Investors receive exclusive rates on our annual Membership.)

For more information, visit our website at: oneroqclub.com.

Do I get alcohol shipped to me every month?

No, but that is an option available inside your Membership.

We’re a Member-owned Wine & Spirits company that offers an annual Membership that unlocks exclusive deals on ONE ROQ and 1000s of Wine & Spirits delivered direct to home, plus value-added services & rewards.. We are also one of the only luxury spirits companies in the world that allows financial ownership in our company, which means our Members grow as we grow.

What is the difference between Silver/Gold/Black Investment Levels?
(For Investors): Silver, Gold and Black levels indicate your Investor status and correspond to the amount you have invested into the company in aggregate. Investors receive exclusive rates on our annual Membership.
What are Member Benefits/Privileges?

Current & Potential Future Benefits include:

  • 24/7 Concierge: Order or gift ONE ROQ Spirits (and) 2000 popular and rare wine & spirits at Member-only rates. Membership is perfect for timely re-stocking of the home bar, last-minute gifting, and event planning needs.
  • Exclusive Value: Receive monthly codes for up to 50% off ONE ROQ spirits & merch, 2000 wine & spirits brands; and exclusive premium upgrades.
  • Carry Requests: Request ONE ROQ Spirits to be carried at your favorite bars & restaurants nearby (Successfully in Phase 1 of Development)
  • VIP Events: Access VIP invitations to local, regional and international events sponsored by ONE ROQ and our partner brands.
  • Voting: Participate in community voting to influence new product introductions, Club Benefits, and more.
  • Exclusive Content: Unrestricted access to Reading Room, our bi-weekly blog delivering Company & Industry news, insider tips on travel and entertainment, and content we think is news or read-worthy.
  • ONE ROQ Music: Pour up and ROQ Out. Enjoy weekly drops of fresh tracks, playlists and mixes published by our in-house DJ.
  • ONE ROQ SELECT: Premium upgrades unlocking rewards like complimentary food & drinks, or as much as 75% tabs at over 1 million premier bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, events and online brands.
  • ONE ROQ Club House (Developing): Premium upgrade unlocking annual access to a planned network of luxury social clubs encompassing speakeasy, lounge and monthly entertainment.
  • Equity & Upside: Invest to own equity in your own luxury adult beverage, entertainment, and technology company, aimed at generating future growth and liquidity for Investors in a highly active M&A sector.
  • NFTs (In evaluation): Discounted and complimentary ONE ROQ NFT collectables. Hold or sell on major exchanges. Coming Soon.
Is Investing in ONE ROQ Spirits legal?
Yes, ONE ROQ Spirits LLC is conducting a Regulation Crowdfunding offering under Regulation CF Direct Issuance. Regulation Crowdfunding lets private companies raise up to $5M annually by selling securities to the public online. Please note that as a liquor business we are also regulated by State and Federal Alcohol Laws.
How much can I invest?
These offerings are open to any investor over 18 years of age. With Regulation Crowdfunding, non-accredited investors with an annual income or net worth less than $107,000, are limited to invest the greater of $2,200 or 5% of the lesser of their annual income or net worth. For those with an annual income or net worth greater than $107,000, he/she is limited to investing 10% of the lesser of the two amounts. Accredited investors do not have restrictions.
Where can I find ONE ROQ?
In applicable states that permit direct shipping, ONE ROQ can be purchased through our website for home-delivery at: ONEROQClub.com. Non-Members get 15% off. Members receive exclusive monthly prices that range from 20 to 50% Off on birthdays and special offerings.

In the future, residents located in Control States will be able to use our Store Locator to find bottles of ONE ROQ. ONE ROQ is actively launching the state of Pennsylvania and our Store locator can be viewed here.

In the future, we aim to make ONE ROQ available in bars & retailers of Member’s request by using the “Carry Request,” an app tool that permits Member-led account request activations.

Where are ONE ROQ Spirits available?
ONE ROQ products (and 2000 wine & spirits and beverages) are available for purchase online in 34 US States. If you reside in a Control state, the Company must work with your local State officials and their retailers to make product available. This requires approval from the state liquor boards and then coordinated launch programs. A typical market launch can cost anywhere from $50k to $250k, and above.

In the future, our aim is leveraging our Carry Request platform to deliver a data-driven, market activation strategy that can be implemented by major national distributors across both open and control states.

What is the cost of Membership?
Membership is currently priced at $18.46/mo
Can I cancel my Membership?
The ONE ROQ Club Membership can be canceled or reactivated at anytime. Reactivation bear a $5 reactivation fee.
Can I cancel an Investment?
Investors are able to cancel an investment up to 48 hours before the Company conducts a closing (a “Notice of Disbursement” is sent to you with deadline date to cancel). Please refer to ONE ROQ’s investor information FAQs at the bottom of the Offering page. for more information.
What makes ONE ROQ mine?
When you invest in ONE ROQ Spirits LLC, you’re buying a piece of the company in the form of equity which also gives you the right to benefit from the future value of the Company’s product’s, technology and intellectual property. Equity represents a financial interest in the company, which allows you to accept potential future financial rewards as we grow, have a vote in company decision making, and align with the brand on a more intimate level compared to other brands you have bought in the past. More details as to unit holders’ votes & rights are included in the Operating Agreement which can be viewed prior to Investing.
What are the commitments of Membership?
There are no commitments of Membership after you join, but we do hope you find features of the club helpful in supporting the company’s objective of growth and value creation by utilizing our online Concierge, Referral Rewards, and Carry Request tools.
Benefits: Why would I join ONE ROQ?
Our commitment to principled drinking and counter-culture ethos is everything. We align ourselves with like-minded members who see through the veil of mass advertising and the dysfunction of big industry. We encourage everyone to be free, independent thinking consumers. If you enjoy the privilege of alcohol, why not form a deeper relationship with a brand you own, guide and benefit from along the way?
Competitive Differentiator: What makes ONE ROQ better than Grey Goose, Ciroc, Titos?
ONE ROQ is a hand-crafted vodka of unparalleled quality and taste – developed with over half a decade of meticulous ingredient sourcing and disciplined recipe creation. Our first place gold medal in the largest consumer tasting competition in the world, as well as our 2020 95pt rating the Food & Beverage Network, is a testament to this claim. What makes us this good? Some say it is a secret recipe made from two of the purest and most iconic ingredients in the country: Mid-Western, American Corn and artisan Colorado Rocky mountain water. Others say it is because it may be one of the first and only gluten, sulfite and sodium free vodka in the world. But if you asked us, it’s our unwavering belief that an authentic lifestyle spirit should offer authentic lifestyle reward.
Is ONE ROQ better than Titos Vodka?
ONE ROQ and Titos have a lot in common. We both are made from corn. We both have won first place gold medals in large competitions. We both promote our American-made values. We both come from small beginnings. And we both represent an underlying resistance to foreign-owned brands. However, ONE ROQ and Titos differ in that we invite our drinkers to become more intimately connected with our spirit; to own our brand; to guide its direction; and benefit beyond the glass.
What kind of events has ONE ROQ sponsored or produced?
ONE ROQ has sponsored and activated events for its members that include car shows, film festivals, sporting events, concerts, festivals, creative events, and other kinds of galas. Members are offered complimentary or discounted tickets to ONE ROQ affiliated events. Covid-19 is currently affecting Company event schedules in 2020 but we look forward to evolving this platform in the “Post-Covid” era.
Is ONE ROQ Club legal?

The two important laws governing our operation include the securities law, Regulation Crowdfunding (this is how we are able to accept money in exchange for equity in our company direct from the public); Tied House, which seeks to prevent intermingling between suppliers, wholesalers and retail operators, and the Three-Tier System, which governs the flow of ours goods through the supply chain.

The Three-Tier System is a federally regulated supply chain requiring that all alcoholic producers sell their products to a licensed wholesaler, who in turn must sell to a licensed retailer, who in turn are able to sell to you. Because it could jeopardize our operations, it is important we state that ONE ROQ does not sell its products direct to its members, as this is would be in violation of the Three-Tier System. In lieu, the company partners with industry approved, online fulfillment portals that work with your local retailers to deliver our products to you. Currently, our partner is 1-877-Spirits, a trusted online delivery service of alcoholic beverage for over 30 years – otherwise known as our Online Concierge.

For more information, please refer to our Risk Factors which discuss these laws.

What are the benefits of joining?
See Club Privileges above or by visiting us at Club Privileges.
How do I sell my shares?
Shares in ONE ROQ Spirits require a 1-year transfer restriction, unless the shares are transferred: (i) to the company that issued the securities; (ii) to an accredited investor; (iii) to a family member (defined as a child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or spousal equivalent, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships.); (iv) in connection with your death or divorce or other similar circumstance; (v) to a trust controlled by you or a trust created for the benefit of a family member; as part of an offering registered with the SEC.

Generally, shares will be illiquid until the Company is able to create an exit event or secondary market for Investors. There is no guarantee of a secondary market or exit being created.

Do I need to invest to join the club?
No, Membership and Investing are two different Programs. To Join Membership, go here. To Invest, go here. ( Investors unlock an exclusive rate on our annual Membership.)
What is ONE ROQ’s valuation?
Please refer to the terms of our latest Offering or your Member Dashboard for current and projected value. Note, internal valuation is an opinion generated based on company progress and validated through public investment.
WhatWhat if my store/bar doesn’t carry ONE ROQ?
You can use the ONE ROQ app to submit a Carry Request. This app feature is live but limited to Phase 1 of its development.
Do I get a discount buying ONE ROQ Spirits if I join?
Members receive monthly codes that unlock up to 50% on ONE ROQ products and services. Discount codes are posted to your Member dashboard monthly. Note, codes are sanctioned by the ONE ROQ network of retailers and cannot be redeemed through retailers not in participation. Discounts through the platform cannot be offered in Texas or Massachusetts.
What are ONE ROQ’s Products?
ONE ROQ currently produces 4 (soon to be 5) award-winning flavors, including: ONE ROQ Legacy (plain); ONE ROQ Dark Chocolate Truffle; ONE ROQ Magenta Raspberry; ONE ROQ Loganberry; and ONE ROQ Pineapple Peach.
Can I get a free sample before I join?
Due to the cost of our product, as well as liquor laws prohibiting free alcoholic goods to consumers, we currently do not offer free samples. However, your first bottle can purchased for 15% Off here. If you decide to Join, Members receive as much as 50% off.
Will the cost of ONE ROQ come down over time?
The company cannot guarantee any cost changes but our hope is to be able to improve our pricing through economies of scale.
What is the difference between a Membership “Unit” and a “Share” of Stock?
“Units” are used to describe the measure of ownership when a company’s legal structure is a LLC. “Shares” are used to describe the measure of ownership in a C-Corp or an S-Corp. ONE ROQ Spirits is currently structured as an LLC, but will evaluate the advantages of converting to a C-Corp upon material growth of the company.
Will ONE ROQ always be an LLC?
ONE ROQ Spirits is currently structured as an LLC for tax purposes, but will evaluate the advantages of converting to a C-Corp upon material growth of the company.
Will ONE ROQ be available at major retailers?
ONE ROQ believes major Retailers present an unnecessary cost & marketing burden to the Company when it has instead generated direct to home ordering & shipment solutions in 34 US States and provides the same (or better) at home experience with competitive prices.

To give you a sense of what unnecessary cost & marketing looks like, consider that to become available in a major retailer first requires a major wholesaler to represent and carry the brand (3 months & $65k-$150k an inventory and commissions). Then the retailer must authorize (1-6 months & highly political). If the product becomes “authorized” and is placed on shelf, the Retailer expects the supplier to invest in its own media campaign ($50,000 to $250,000 and 6-12 months) to drive sales for said retailer.

The same time and cost into a well-executed online campaign could generate 25-200x the brands exposure and sales.

I invested. How long does it take to fully clear so I receive my Stock Agreement and Access to the ONE ROQ Club?
Investments usually take anywhere from same-day to 20 days to fully clear. Once cleared, you will receive your formal stock agreement from StartEngine. With 48 hours, you will then receive a welcoming e-mail to create your Membership account with ONEROQClub.com. Perk Shopping Credits (up to 10% back on your investment) are posted to your dashboard an average of 6-12 months following your investment(s).
I invested but I can’t I login to the app/club?
Investments take 7-20 days to fully clear. To receive access to the Club you must first be fully invested. You will know when you are fully cleared when your investment status diagram in your Member account shows the final stage of “Funds Invested” – or when you receive your official paper work from StartEngine. From there, it takes just a day for ONE ROQ to send you your official Welcoming e-mail which allows you to create your Member profile and account. Here you will use your StartEngine e-mail and a password of your choosing. The ONE ROQ Members dashboard can be accessed via laptop or our app.
I am fully invested but am not receiving the welcoming e-mail from ONE ROQ.
If you do not receive the Welcoming /Create Profile E-mail from ONE ROQ within 1 day after your investment clears, we first suggest checking your spam or junk folder to see if it is there. If it is not there, you can use the Find and Create My Account link here: https://oneroqclub.com/find-my-account/
I’m a confirmed investor and I have created a ONE ROQ Profile, but having trouble getting in.

If you created a Member profile with ONE ROQ, and are having trouble with your credentials, try creating a new password to reset your access.

If problems persist, e-mail tech support at: web@oneroqclub.com

How do I know when I am fully invested?
Investments take anywhere from 7 to 20 days to clear depending on the Company’s next disbursement. To check your status, login to your KoreConX dashboard to observe the investment status. You will receive an email when your Investment has cleared!
I invested and now it is asking me to “Reconfirm”?
Reconfirmations are required when your investment does not clear in time before the Company conducts its monthly disbursement. A reconfirmation is required for your original investment to be submitted and cleared. If you receive a reconfirmation, reconfirm as soon as convenient.
How do I benefit financially?
If you choose to become an Investor in ONE ROQ Spirits, you can benefit from potential future growth of your equity as the Company builds value from growing Subscribers, Sales and building new technology.
What is the Cost of ONE ROQ Vodkas?
ONE ROQ Vodkas range from $30 to $45/bottle depending on size, availability, outlet and monthly promotion – and includes Shipping & Tax.
How do I make suggestions for company improvements?
You can submit recommendations anytime using our Contact Form at ONEROQClub.com or by logging in to your Member dashboard.
How long does it take to process a Carry Request?

When Carry Request enters Phase 2, a Carry Request will aim to process within 7 days. Phase 2 refers to when the Company connects its building data base of requests to National Wholesalers with the capability of mass fulfillment.

When do I get my perks?

Email contact@oneroqclub.com or live chat to discuss the release of perks. Perks are disbursed on request.

What can I do to help ONE ROQ?
As a Member, you can use the Carry Request and Share The Club tools in your Member dashboard at any time to drive immediate value and growth to the Company, not to mention make ONE ROQ available at your favorite venues for your own personal – and business – enjoyment.
What is the Carry Request?
The Carry Request is a develpment-stage app tool that allows Members to submit up to 6 of their preferred local bars, restaurants, night clubs or liquor stors that they wish to have ONE ROQ placed at for their personal enjoyment. Fulfillment of Carry Requests requires ONE ROQ to have active distribution partners that provide fufilling agents.
What are ONE ROQ’s sales in 2021?
In 2021, ONE ROQ posted a 118% increase in sales; 94% increase in registered app users, and a 71% increase in Investors, compared to prior year.
How is ONE ROQ’s Valuation derived?
ONE ROQ uses several factors to independently determine its valuation for its offerings, including but not limited to: Company sales, contracts, technology, IP, methods & processes, market size, media impressions, investments, downloads, subscribers, market size, growth potential, and historical industry brand acquisitions of similar companies and brands.
How can I help ONE ROQ grow?
ONE ROQ Vodka Club is a unique business model which enables its Member-shareholders to grow the business and ONE ROQ namesake by: Sharing the Club, Referring new Members, Ordering & Gifting Product and Reinvesting. We recommend referring 1 new Member a month and investing once a month to help grow the company and your own investment.
What are ONE ROQ’s growth and potential exit plans?
ONE ROQ’s focus is generating Key Performance Metrics through sales, subscribers and data that would allow it to become a valuable asset for a larger industry player to acquire. Members have the unique opportunity for contributing – and benefiting – from this objective by becoming an Investor and activate participating Member of our Club.
Does ONE ROQ pay a Dividend / Will ONE ROQ Pay a Dividend?
ONE ROQ is not currently paying a dividend, but will evaluate when and if it is able to generate a break-even. Note, due to the aggressive reinvestment requirements common in the adult beverage industry, it is common for a supplier brand to operate in the “negative” all the way through acquisition phases.
What are the savings of Membership?
Membership offers access to savings that range from 25% to 50% off ONE ROQ, 10% to 40% off popular and rare wine & spirits; and up to 50% off event tickets.

ONE ROQ Select (premium add-on) offers savings of up to 75% Off tabs thousands of premier restaurants, bars, hotels and night clubs

How is ONE ROQ Made?
ONE ROQ is distilled & filtered 1-5x from hand-picked American corn and blended in pure native and Colorado Mountain water for smoothening. Variation in distillation occurs depending on the quality of our distillers crop yield, year over year.

ONE ROQ Legacy Vodka is gluten free, sodium free, sulfite free; Non-GMO, Vegan and Kosher.

Are there any restrictions to people living in certain states or countries?
ONE ROQ Spirits cannot current be shipped to any other countries or control states in the US. ONE ROQ Benefits – specifically discount codes – cannot be offered in the States of Texas or Massachusetts. Codes cannot be redeemed for purchases of ONE ROQ Spirits at bars & restaurants.
What is ONE ROQ’s Strategic Plan?
ONE ROQ Spirit’s takes a long view in its business strategy and will deploy a two phase approach to achieving immense material success. Phase 1 will focus on building an immediate opportunity of direct-to-consumer sales through its compliant, avant-garde e-commerce platform. Once traction is achieved, the Company will then seek to implement Phase 2 of partnering with a major National wholesaler to facilitate mass- fulfillment of its Carry Request database in which will be built through Phase 1.

For more information, please refer to the SEC guidance in relation to Regulation Crowdfunding investing.

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