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The Awakening 

It all started after the French-luxury vodka brand, Grey Goose, announced its $2 billion acquisition by Bacardi International – a jaw-dropping sum for a bottle of imported liquid. Soon, entrepreneur and brand developer, Garrett Green found himself questioning why there was not an American-luxury version of this pristine potion in the market. His entrepreneurial spirit aroused, he quickly found himself in the aisles of a local liquor store, his eyes opening to a world of grandeur painted on the walls above glimmering bottles. They were masterpieces of marketing, whispering promises of a better life, offering glimpses into the realm of the rich and famous. “Brilliant,” he thought, “but unfortunately, not very truthful.”

The Illusion of Luxury

A lover of brands but a skeptic by nature, Garrett knew that choosing ‘luxury’ brands do not enhance your wealth, self-worth, or social status. That rather, you are merely buying an illusion. Every purchase seemingly leading only to a lighter bank account and hangovers that blurred visions of the future. Despite an affinity for fine beverages, and the respect he held for his beverage-making peers, Garrett felt a disconnect between the indulgence advertised and the less-than-luxurious rewards that were delivered.

The Vision

In this moment of reflection, he realized that the promise of benefit beyond taste wasn’t impossible to achieve, but rather it was a reluctance by brands to adopt a more equitable way. It was clear to Garrett, a vision for ‘new luxury’ was the future. A company offering not just exceptional spirits and wines at the touch of a button, but a paradigm-shifting experience for consumers to own and invest in them; a platform where enjoying a drink meant growing alongside it, entering, alas, their worlds as an equal.

The Rise of ONE ROQ

This dream led to the creation of ONE ROQ Club – today, a home for over 5000 global Members that enjoy exquisite taste, experiences and financial progress.  At ONE ROQ, members don’t just savor premium spirits; they embark on an investment journey, with opportunity to grow equity with each and every sip through our innovative model.

An Invitation to the Future

Today, we invite you to Join ONE ROQ and become part of a global journey, to become a steward of new luxury and a pioneer of financially-minded drinking. Here, the journey of enjoying a drink transcends mere consumption. This is a movement; a community that believes that value is not in the glass, but in the one who holds it.

See you on the inside.

The ONE ROQ Team

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Garrett Green