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Why Restaurants Are So Fuc*ed — by Joelle Parenteau


January 6, 2022

Joelle Parenteau

Startup Founder. Poker Player. Street Food Addict. 878 Followers

It’s been 18 months since I wrote the post on “Why Restaurants Are So Fucked”. It was just something I needed to get off my chest. I never expected it to go viral and hit a million views. Or to be a guest on podcasts from LA to Melbourne and re-published up in a Thai paper. It was kinda cool though.

For a while, things actually seemed to get a little better. We were adapting. As vaccination numbers rose, I was hopeful. Until it all backfired. As things began to re-open, many expected everything to be all good again — just like that. In reality however, we were just beginning to feel the aftermath of COVID-19. I hate to admit it, but restaurants are so fucked. Again.

And it may even be worse this time: staffing shortages, supply chain collapses, new variant surges — and all this when we are already exhausted from almost two years of this shit. Plus, the icing on the cake is some people actually blame us for all this, getting angry when we are closed or don’t have certain menu items — as though we just forgot to hire staff or order tomatoes.

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