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Congratulations and Welcome: Wisconsin and Maine!


November 10, 2020

We’re pleased to announce the addition of two new US States to our National Home Delivery & Gifting service capabilities. Congratulations and Welcome: Wisconsin and Maine! The recent additions of Maine and Wisconsin to our direct-to-home capabilities continue to build exciting infrastructure that expands service to Members and prospective Members while supporting our objective to build ONE ROQ into the preferred vodka for home bars across the country, through ONEROQClub.com For Members (especially residing in No-Ship states) desiring retail placement, we will continue to queue your Carry Requests based on distribution coverage and retailer participation.  New Members: you will soon be able to submit CRs through the ORVC Member dashboard. Congratulations to our Maine and Wisconsin Members – and Club Members at large! Updates on the horizon: status of Offering II, Club Access, Perks, Product Launches, and more.   Cheers! The ONE ROQ Team

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