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February 28, 2022

Dear Members, 

As an American-made and globally-owned adult beverage company that symbolizes the extraordinary possibilities when people come together to fight against the powers of establishment,  we feel it is our responsibility to participate, in a capacity in which we are able,  to try and support Ukraine’s efforts against Russia. 

Pending a majority Vote through a Live Community Vote, (Voting closes Thursday morning at 9AM Pacific Time), we propose up to 10% of proceeds from purchases of all ONE ROQ products, including gifts and subscriptions, to be donated to non-profits focused on supplying relief resources to Ukrainian civilians and/or supplies to the Ukrainian Government. We have further prepared a list of organizations accepting donations toward various needs associated with the immediate and anticipated affects of the crisis. 

In addition, if you are a current Member or customer of ONE ROQ and wish to have proceeds from purchases donated to a non-profit organization not on this list, you can email: contact@oneroqclub.com to request an organization and we will notate your account and provide proof of donation at years end.  Note, requested non-profits will be verified with their state governments ass part of approval. Finally, you will be recognized publicly for your support unless you communicate otherwise. 
If you are interested in making independent donations, below is a list of organizations focused on supporting Ukraine and accepting donations.  

  • International Committee of the Red Cross: A global organization assisting those in war-torn areas, the ICRC enables medical professionals and engineers to better the living conditions of Ukraine residents “as the security situation allows.” They are taking donations via their website portal.
  • Revived Soldiers Ukraine: Focused both on broader humanitarian aid as well as the “medical rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers,” Revived Soldiers helped found a large rehab space in the city of Irpin. They are taking donations via PayPal.
  • Save the Children: This group is raising money for the millions of Ukrainian children who are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress and displacement following an escalation in hostilities overnight. They provide food, blankets, and emergency shelter tools to children and their families. They are taking donations via their website portal.
  • Sunflower of Peace: A group focused on “empowering orphans, internally displaced persons, and, recently, those most affected by COVID-19 in Ukraine.” They also raise money to bring resources to healthcare workers and scientists. They are taking donations via Facebook.
  • Support Hospitals in Ukraine: Having raised over $4 million in the last eight years, Support Hospital provides “trauma-related equipment and surgical tools,” among other needed items. They are taking donations via their website portal.
  • Voices of Children: A Ukrainian organization that provides psychological care for kids dealing with the trauma of war. Their work is focused in Donetsk and Luhansk, two areas that have been particularly hard hit by Russian aggression. They are taking donations via their website portal.

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  1. Would like to know the % of money donated with each organization goes towards fees and what % gets to the intended needy. We have all heard of the enormous amounts of money scraped off the top for management with some fundraisers.

    • Agreed entirely, Randy! Candidly, this was a long talking point internally. We are committed to providing receipts of donations at the end of each year to donors AND will be requiring the charities to provide proof of transfers to their stated destinations. We will not be allowing the opportunity for foul play and any smell of this will immediately result in those organizations being removed from our programs.

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