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US online alcohol sales surpass $6bn


January 17, 2022

We’ve talked a lot about ‘digital transformations’ and the emergence and rapid growth of direct-to-consumer alcohol since the Pandemic set in. In fact. we were one of the first suppliers to project the trends on the onset of the pandemic in February of 2020; that is that DTC alcohol would soon be ‘discovered’ by consumers, and taken seriously by the trade, including wholesalers, retailers and regulators.  Here we are two years later and the industry is now spending nearly all their time investing and gearing up for this fertile current and future landscape.   

Today, we’ve copied in two relevant industry articles that reinforce the unfoldings in the market.  Some of the important takeaways should be: 1. new emerging market;  2. ongoing consumer adoption;  3. sizeable acquisition values already established for new entrants at the fulfillment platform level; and 4. key players that are forming the early landscape

If you’re an investor in ONE ROQ, this general market movement should absolutely excite you aa we continue round off two years of development and square off with a novel DTC opportunity of our own.

Be sure to read our post-article comments for deeper takeaways we feel are important to frame ONE ROQ’s positioning and opportunity in this new landscape.


US online alcohol sales surpass $6bn

E-commerce alcohol sales in the US reached US$6.1 billion in 2021, according to new data released by Rabobank.

Rabobank’s 2022 Alcohol E-commerce Playbook report looked at the US alcohol e-commerce market and how it has grown since the start of the pandemic.

The report forecasts that the online channel is set to be the biggest driver of industry growth for years to come.

Rabobank predicts online alcohol sales in the US will grow an additional 3.4% in 2022.

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