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Things To Talk About When You’re Drinking


Small talk can be a tedious activity, especially for introverts who shy away from interacting with strangers or new people. But it’s unavoidable. At some point you’re going to find yourself at a table with a friend of a friend, or new coworkers at a happy hour. And you’re going to have to say something to them, or risk appearing rude.

For these moments, you can do the bare minimum. Bland missives about the local sports team are always a crowd pleaser. Everyone will smile politely when you mention the weather.

You’re also probably smart enough to know what not to talk about in a bar. No need to start an argument as your first impression.

So having some conversation starters in your back pocket is a good idea. When properly deployed, they will help fill some dead air during lulls in the conversation and help you appear approachable, friendly and engaging.

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