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The Journey Continues: Investor Updates

Internal Updates & Press Releases

February 27, 2022

The recent war declared by Putin on Ukraine has just begun an international Boycott of Russian vodka in the US, Canada and abroad. ONE ROQ is moving to launch an immediate campaign allowing American consumers to assist Ukraine with resources through a bottle donation program where % of proceeds will be donated to liaisons to benefit the Ukraine government. Official details to publish this week.

Our recent video update reflects continued progression across several areas of the business preparing us for next phase of our plan.\\

Notable highlights of the last 2 months include the Launch of ONE ROQ Club Subscription, a new monetized Referral program, a major NFL/Celebrity event sponsorship with USA Today, a 100 Store Control State Store test approval that could provide ‘domino’ for additional control states; and more.

We are looking forward to delivering our 2021 Annual Report that will frame the last two years of important investments and present the key strategies to scale. Tenants of the Road To Greatness are already in motion. Continued emphasis/reminder on importance of enrolling in ONE ROQ Club Subscription to boost company value, enhance rewards, and ensure the future. We depend on your support.

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