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The Importance of a Meaningful Toast


July 29, 2019

All across the world, meaningful people are honored and celebrated with a toast. These words usually come from the heart and are finished off with the clinking of glasses and a sip of alcohol.  Perhaps you’ve lifted your glass to dear friends as they start their life together as partners. Maybe you’ve toasted the success of a colleague or the health of a loved one. You may have even taken a moment to toast yourself. Regardless of the occasion, you’ll eventually have to make a toast as a ONE ROQ Member who has made the noble commitment of owning your spirit. But before you start writing your heartfelt speech,  let’s go deeper into the importance of this classic ritual. 

History of the toast.

The toast has Greek origins, which came from people testing wine for poison. But the tradition took a new twist in the eighteenth century when revelers would raise a glass to honor a celebrated or beautiful person, inside and out. As toasts became the norm in the late 1700s and early 1800s, dinners nearly always involved a special speech. In fact, one British duke wrote that every glass needed to be dedicated to someone, and said omitting a toast was rude, “as if no one present was worth drinking to.” But, there’s always one person worth drinking to. 

Toast to yourself.

Before you think about orchestrating a toast for a special person, you should try a toast to yourself. This can be the perfect time to recognize and celebrate your own achievements. And what better time to make this toast than  right now as Member and owner of ONE ROQ Vodka? There’s something special about making an investment and owning a stake in the spirit you drink. That’s because you’ve actually taken ownership in what you’re sipping on. And acknowledging that victory means you’re also symbolically taking ownership of your life.   So the next time you raise that glass of ONE ROQ, think back to the importance of a meaningful toast and its history. Remember its origins and its purpose. Then pour up your favorite drink in honor of someone special – that includes you. 

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