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The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Marriage Proposal


February 4, 2020

So you’ve decided to pop the question and ask someone to be your permanent partner through better or for worse, sickness and health, and all that other stuff. But first, you have to get a yes, or in salesperson terms, “seal the deal.” Certainly, you can keep it simple and ask the question in private, but more and more people are trying to come up with creative ways to get down on one knee, if their joints allow it. You can pull out the ring at a memorable location, like where you first met. Or you can bring in family and friends to be a part of the fun. And if a bunch of strangers are around, they’ll awww and cheer, which can be a great touch to the magical moment. No matter what goes into a planned proposal, there is only one goal in mind: Get your partner to say “yes.” So before you get down on one knee, go through this checklist to make sure you get the response you’re looking for.  Test the waters.  It’s hard to know the perfect time to propose to someone, but you should look for clues that tell you your partner is on board with marriage. The last thing you want is to hear, “ooh, not quite” in a public space with strangers recording. So, to avoid the embarrassment, be sure to feel the other person out, or at least run your idea by a friend or family member. Spontaneous proposals are tricky, so feel confident in the outcome before you commit to it. Think about capturing the moment Feeling romantic in the hot tub? Or perhaps you’re planning a fun day at the water park? Sure, those will be great memories, but your future spouse may not want to share proposal photos of you two wearing revealing swimsuits or having messy hair. If your partner is someone who likes to document these special moments, make sure they’re happy with their appearance when it’s that time.  Ask for help.  Your partner’s loved ones are probably waiting for this day – if they like you – so why not get them in on it? Ask around and see who would give a hand with planning the special moment. Whether that’s getting someone to make reservations, or creating a plan that gets your future fiance to the location on time. Be aware of the unknown.  At the same time, the more people involved in your proposal, the greater the chance of something going wrong. You might hope everything will come together at the right time, but it’s still pretty risky. Have a backup along with backups to your backups. Take into account the weather, traffic, or someone’s busy schedule.  Be ready to nudge.  Your partner isn’t part of the proposal, so they might not agree with the initial plan leading up to it. A scavenger hunt with clues leading to the ring could be easily abandoned if they get bored. So be sure to keep the moment exciting and nudge your partner if you have to.  Don’t break the bank – unless you own the bank.  We have to admit, Kanye West set the bar pretty high when he booked AT&T Park for his proposal to Kim Kardashian. The ring, facility fees, and overall production was around $6 million. If you can’t make it rain with your current budget, your hopeful spouse-to-be will probably be okay with not starting your marriage in a financial hole.  Keep in mind this day should be special. Have faith in your relationship and add personal touches to your proposal. And if this is too stressful, don’t worry – Once you get the “yes,” you can hand off planning duties to someone else when the wedding comes.  

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