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The Best Restaurant Tasting Experiences in Every State

Food and Drink

January 25, 2022

This week, we scoured the internet to find something tantalizing for our fellow foodies, and support our recovering hospitality market.  We found just what we were looking for in Megan Dubois’s  The Best Restaurant Tasting Experiences in Every State, from EatThis.com.  Wherever you are, get out there and have a taste (safely and responsibly). 


Tasting experiences at
restaurants are becoming a larger trend, even if you’re not dining at an award-winning establishment. These special dining experiences allow you to try multiple things on the menu for one set price, or have a completely chef-curated meal with multiple courses that are not available on any other parts of the menu. Many people seek out tasting experiences as a way to treat themselves as foodies and really see what a chef can do when they aren’t limited by a set menu. If you’re looking for the best tasting experiences that are a must-try in your home state or anywhere else you may be traveling in the coming months and years consider these options, which are the best in every state!

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