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Our Sunscape Travel Guide


December 10, 2021

Our Sunscape Travel Guide Is here. Here’s where to catch some sun this winter.

The time of year has come when you’ve swapped your summer for winter tires, and taken out your thick coat from the cupboard in the spare room. The days are shorter and the nights longer,  and getting up early in the morning for your gym sessions before work is becoming a bit more challenging. Keep your body in good shape, though, since there are plenty of sunny destinations where you can head for the winter holidays. Here are a few beautiful sunny spots that we at ONE ROQ recommend you add to your must-visit soon list.

The Cape, South Africa

Located on the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula in southern Africa, Cape Town boasts long sunny days in December. Since the Cape has its rain in the winter months, its Decembers are also relatively dry. The Cape’s Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing grapes, which is why it’s one of the top wine-producing areas in the world. Areas such as Stellenbosch and the beautiful Franschhoek Valley offer an abundance of top-quality farms where you can taste exquisite local wine and cocktails, and dine at award-winning restaurants.

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