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Stay Inspired: 5 Movies for Entrepreneurs


May 26, 2020

If you’re a budding entrepreneur during this time of social distancing, you might have trouble keeping a steady workflow. But even if you’re away from the office, there are a ton of resources that can keep you inspired during some time off. That’s why we’ve rounded up 5 ONE-ROQ-approved movies for new entrepreneurs that are available now on major streaming platforms. Nightcrawler This movie came out in 2014 and is perfect for those who want to find opportunities that no one else can. It’s about a struggling man who is trying to find a job, and later decides to go out on his own and become a crime journalist. This film lets everyone know that they can become anything they want.  Nightcrawler is available on Amazon Prime Video. The Social Network This movie was an absolute blockbuster hit when it first came out. It tells the story of how Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and chronicles the start of the social media platform and its current position today. It has deft storytelling and will teach young entrepreneurs how to turn their dreams into reality. A wonderful source of inspiration for anyone who is looking to build a business from the ground up, even from a college dorm room. The Social Network is available on Netflix. The Pirates of Silicon Valley Silicon Valley is a hotbed for startups and this movie follows the journeys of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as they found Microsoft and Apple, respectively. This movie details their journeys and follows them to fame and fortune. It also gives insight into one of the most competitive rivalries in the world.  This movie is available on Amazon Prime Video. Moneyball Sports fans are going to love Moneyball, which follows the story of Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt, as he returns the Oakland Athletics to relevancy. While the Athletics have fallen on some hard times, Billy Beane comes in and uses an innovative approach to change the way the game of baseball is played. Now, baseball teams all over the world follow this numbers-oriented approach. Moneyball is streaming on Hulu. The Godfather A classic movie from the 1970s, this movie is still relevant today. If you’re one of the few people on earth who haven’t seen it, this story follows a family business that fights off opposition to become one of the largest organized crime syndicates in all of New York City. It’s a beautiful story about a father and son operation, but also a reminder to entrepreneurs that crime does not pay and family comes first.  The Godfather is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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