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Sneak Peek Into Our Night at the LUXE Hotel: An Exclusive Member Insights Event


May 6, 2024

Just Announced: Our Investor Insights Event Recap Call on May 21st. Register Here.


We’re still buzzing from the excitement of last week’s gathering at the LUXE Hotel in Los Angeles, and we’re thrilled to share some highlights for those who couldn’t make it. Plus, we’re offering you a chance to relive the event through an upcoming virtual recap!

A Night That Reinvigorated Our Passion

On Friday, April 26th, we rekindled the joy of in-person connections. Members traveled from Hollywood, San Diego, Oakland, Arizona, Texas,  and even as far as Philly and Florida to hear directly from Garrett Green, our Founder, and the Members of the Advisory Board.

The night began with signature ONE ROQ cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, setting the stage for engaging networking opportunities. Every member received an authentic ONE ROQ pin and a program to guide them through the night’s agenda.

As the sun set over Los Angeles, Garrett Green took the stage to deliver a candid presentation. He explored the DNA of ONE ROQ, shared insights on how the industry has transformed due to Covid, and discussed current initiatives that promise growth and value creation for our Member-Investors.

Guest Speakers and Dynamic Discussions

Guest speakers and fellow investors Sonny Antonio and Chris Walters brought unique, inspiring messages that complemented the main presentation. This led to a lively Q&A session where panelists and members exchanged ideas.

As the night progressed, the air was filled with music, laughter, and vibrant conversations. Attendees captured memories, enjoyed more drinks, and had the chance to engage one-on-one with Garrett and the team. We left with new ideas, a sense of unity, and a renewed passion for what’s ahead.

Missed the Event?

Don’t worry! You can still be a part of the excitement.  Now published:

  • 📸 Our exclusive photo gallery  (below)
  • 💌 Letters from members who attended (below)
  • 🎥 Live footage highlights  (coming soon)
  • 🖥️✨ A virtual recap event to relive the insightful conversations and discover the opportunities ahead for the company.

Register Now Here.

We can’t wait to share this inspiring experience with you. Let us know any comments or questions you may have below in comments, and let’s keep the conversation going!

Stay tuned,
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Official Photo Gallery📸


💌 Letters from Members who attended

Garrett & The ONE ROQ Team,
It was a pleasure to meet such a group of like-minded individuals that have the same hope and enthusiasm for our great brand. It is my hope that more and more members & investors understand the importance of their sense of pride in our brand. Their ability to represent and promote the brand is pivotal in the overall success for the company and themselves personally.…I am proud to call myself a member and investor in such a dynamic opportunity. I look forward to the future growth and success of such a great brand that I take pride in being a part of.
As we continue to navigate the future economic uncertainty and leaving the pandemic behind us, it is pivotal for our members and owners to be more involved in reaching the next level of success and ambitious milestones. I applaud the efforts of our behind-the-scenes team, leadership, and Garrett Green. The boat needs a captain and we have that in Garrett but it takes a crew to help steer the ship. “We the community of members and investors are the crew.”  I really enjoyed meeting Chris and Sonny as well, glad to know we have such passionate members and owners, we need more of this in our community for the vision to come to reality.
Keep the faith and fighting hard for the future or our brand.
All the best,
Drew Armenta
ONE ROQ Member & Investor


Stay tuned,
@ONE ROQ Events
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