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Seasoned Vodka Startup to Deal New Hand to Big Liquor


April 20, 2018

ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of American luxury vodka line, to launch pioneering lifestyle platform designed for lovers of spirits, business, and entertainment. New York, New York – April 20, 2018. ONE ROQ Spirits, maker of ONE ROQ premium vodkas, announces plans to introduce a new business segment designed to offer consumers a highly differentiated lifestyle experience that large brands, according to the company, would rather not. The platform – which the company remains highly secretive over – is anticipated to pioneer a new industry category, expand the company’s footprint, and rapidly acquire valuable market share of the coveted premium high-end vodka category. Last year, the distilled spirits industry generated $76 billion in retail sales, with vodka making up over 30% – the lions share among the five major categories of spirits. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of America, the category grew at just under 6% CAGR in the US in 2016, with the overall industry experiencing its seventh consecutive year of positive growth. “The company has been a patient and responsive learner,” states Garrett Green, founder of ONE ROQ. “After investing into valuable industry exposure, we are ready to begin this journey with a new, highly differentiated value set – one that will allow us to build ONE ROQ, hand in hand with a diverse set of consumers,” states Green. In recent years, major industry consolidation into a hand full of conglomerate manufactures and distributors have formed both a highly challenging, yet highly opportunistic environment for new brand entrants that are able to breakthrough with differentiating marketing strategies. Expensive pay-to-play practices, a federally regulated supply chain and monster marketing budgets of established brands all play into the barriers that daunt industry entrants. In terms of success stories, break-out brands have relied heavily on the use of celebrities to bolster their popularity with aspirational consumers who consciously or unconsciously desire to emulate those celebrities, and the products they are (advertised) drinking.  One such example is George Clooney’s Casa Amigos Tequila, which just this year was acquired for 1 billion by London based spirits multi-national, Diageo. “It is clear there is money and fame to be had for the celebrities and the multinational suppliers, but what about the consumer?” adds Green. “ONE ROQ is in position to launch an industry-first platform that gives consumers the lifestyle experience, reserved only previous for celebrities and the rich.” About ONE ROQ Spirits ONE ROQ Spirits, founded in 2012 by American entrepreneur Garrett Green produces ONE ROQ Vodka, a premium, high-end, small-batch vodka distilled from mid-western, American corn, and artisanal water sourced from the Colorado Rockies.  The vodka, which is gluten free, sulfite free and sodium free, is available in three, award-winning labels, which include: Super-Premium (plain), Raspberry Magenta, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and Loganberry flavors.  The vodka received a first-place gold medal in the International SIP Awards in San Francisco within one hundred and twenty days of its initial market launch. Following its awards, the brand quickly received praise from several, high-profile promotions with internationally renowned brands such as Robb Report Magazine, Bentley Motors, Mercedes Benz and others.  The brand’s profile elevated further after the Enquirer wrote of A-list celebrity, Catherine Zeta Jones, purchasing bottles of the vodka in a liquor store nearby her estate in Upstate New York in 2013.  Today, ONE ROQ is a preferred vodka by consumers with a passion for high quality, principled spirits from America.  ONE ROQ Vodkas will be available for home delivery, and in select retailers nationwide in 2018. For more information, email: PR@ONEROQSpirits.com.

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