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Results of Round 2 Member Flavor Vote Requires Tiebreaker


September 19, 2021

In September, ONE ROQ Vodka Club invited its  Members (Owners & Shareholders of ONE ROQ Spirits), to partake in the their first e-voting initiative, enabled by its unique Member platform. 

In Round 1, Members promptly logged in to cast votes on which of ONE ROQ’s award-winning seasonal flavors would debut for the upcoming Fall/Holiday Season.
Each Member had just 1 vote to cast among ONE ROQ Raspberry, ONE ROQ Loganberry, ONE ROQ Dark Chocolate Truffle and “New Flavor.”  With “new flavor,” Members could enter an original flavor suggestion. 

The final results of Round 1 ultimately served to provide management a precise breakdown of flavors to be produced and readied for the upcoming holiday, while New Flavor 2022 (the winner by percentage voted) was recently carried forward into a 2nd round for Members to vote among the top 20  flavors they submitted.


Here were the Top 5 Flavors Voted  by Members among those 20 flavors originated by Members…

Final Results of Round 2 New Flavor vote were:

  • 23%Blood Orange
  • 15%Watermelon
  • 8%Mango
  • 6%Pineapple

with a 3-way tie emerging for 5th place  between

  • 5%Lychee
  • 5%Pineapple Peach
  • 5%Honey Apple

With that shared, we are pleased announced the 3rd Round Tie Breaker of Member Voting, begins NOW.


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