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Rescission Formality – Internal Memo


May 14, 2021

Dear Investors and Members of the ORVC, 

On May 5th, you may have received an email from Start Engine describing a Rescission event by our Company.  This memo is to clarify that the Rescission notice was part of an SEC disclosure requirement which resulted from Start Engine accepting one of your investments ahead of their obligation to file our annual audit last year; an error that fell on Start Engine’s internal processes rather than ONE ROQ’s.
While a very small number of you elected to redeem,  we are happy to report a overwhelming majority of shareholders chose to maintain – and even upgrade – their investment positions in the last week. And, given our continued success as a start-up, and the opportunity presented by our long-term plan, it would be our recommendation that shareholders continue to stay the course with that majority. 

Lastly, please know that we have met and worked directly with StartEngine to ensure the prevention of errors of this nature again. 
If you have any questions following this notice, please don’t hesitate to email us at: Contact@ONEROQClub.com 

Garrett Green
Founder / Director
ONE ROQ Spirits

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