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With the introduction of something 500 years in the making. An agave spirit made in the Morelos region of Mexico, grounded in the purity of tradition and imagined to a new level. Timeless, tirelessly crafted, rooted in history, family and graced by the light of the setting sun. It has taken us more time to be born than any other spirit has been alive. And now, we are Revel, here for the rebellion against expectation. To slake the thirst you knew you had. And to cause another one for more. From us. For you, Mas Espiritu!

Our product, while having the same foundation as Tequila, Revel is made from Weber blue agave, by a group of families who perfected their distillation processes until their handcrafting created a spirit that became known as Avila. Our triple distilled agave spirit called Revel Avila® goes down smooth making you instantly aware that our craft spirit is special.