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Stroma takes its name from a windswept isle situated off the rugged Caithness coast. Translating as the ‘island in the stream’, which also refers to the dangerous currents on the island’s shores, including the infamous ‘Swilkie’ whirlpool. Stroma’s lighthouse warns ships of these nearby powerful currents. Made at the distillery with award-winning Old Pulteney single malt whisky. It tastes equally well served neat, with ice or in a cocktail.

A blend of fruit flavors and single malt whisky from Scotland’s Pulteney Distillery, this syrupy treat retains a backbone of oily character from the “maritime malt.” Its name comes from an island off the rugged Caithness coast and means “island in the stream” in Norse. Tastes like: Citrus-flavored salt water taffy Try it: With an equal part of Old Pulteney 12 year old and a couple dashes of orange bitters