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Pisco Quebranta is a non-aromatic 100% grape brandy that differs from all other brandies since it is not aged in
oak barrels, no coloring, no flavoring and no water added. In essence, it is one of the purest liquors in the
world and is what sets pisco brandy apart from other spirits.

This spirit is a four-hundred-year-old magic elixir that was created from the Region of Ica in the valley of Pisco
in Peru. It is made with the traditional artisanal techniques by the distillation of freshly fermented Quebranta
grape juice in copper stills and is stored in clay jars called piscos. Our brand Adamas Pisco is made with an
exclusive distilling process that produces the smoothest drinking brandy anywhere in the world. We invite you
to experience the flavor of Adamas and become as passionate about Pisco as so many have in the past.

Around the mid-19th century, pisco arrived to the coast of San Francisco during the gold rush. It was by far the
most popular drink in San Francisco.

The bar called, The Bank Exchange, became famous for serving Pisco Brandy and especially its signature
cocktail Pisco Punch to celebrities such as Mark Twain.

Many rich and famous people have penned their passion for the flavor of this unique brandy.