Let's Go Viral.

With our technology complete, and the Pandemic behind us, we are now raising our 3rd Round of funding to launch an exciting growth plan for Investors.

In fact, if you invest in our Latest Offering, our partnership with Mint CRO alone is all we need to launch the plan to begin "engineering" our success.

However, in what could serve to supercharge our potential growth with Mint, we've brought in heavy hitters from the world-renowned creative house, Harmon Brothers, to pitch us on the development of a potential viral video asset!

In a segment from our recent Advisor Call,writer/producer, Shawn Z, from the world renowned creative house, Harmon Brothers, pitched us (4) concepts live and we want Members to Vote!

Shawn has been behind viral success stories like Poo-Pouri, Squatty Potty and Purple Mattress, which together have generated just under a billion dollars in online product sales after their campaign launches.

Shawn's initial concepts have been developed at an "ultra-high" level. Your vote today will guide discussion and action on the potential initiative.

Enjoy the segment now, and cast your votes below!

Choose Your Favorite Pitch

Voting closes on 6.30.23

If you have not yet watched the May 3rd Advisor Call, this call contains important updates for Investors, including 2-Steps to ignite our growth plan, and company value!