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October 11, 2022

Earlier this year, ONE ROQ, CEO, Garrett Green hosted a must-watch presentation for our over 5,000 Investors and Members. A copy of this video presentation is made available here
and a read-version here. The report is full of valuable information for Investors that is still relevent in the current year as we complete final stages with StartEngine to reopen for public investment and come out swinging.

Important takeaways of the report, combined with current updates include:

  • A growth year for ONE ROQ (Part I) across sales, investments, and registered app/platform users in 21′. A positive takeaway given  abrupt market transformation from global Pandemic, including consolidation among national distributors.
  • Momentum.  ONE ROQ has become one the most highly funded wine & spirits companies in equity crowdfunding (through our first two seed rounds ), and Offering III is the company’s next opportunity to move the needle in a material way for early investors. Note, the $1T global alcohol market is expected to remain sturdy with or without Reccession. 
  • Funds invested to date (Part I and II) have allowed ONE ROQ to build out its envisioned membership platform and prepare its most significant technology launch to date: a new enhanced marketplace featuring broadline inventory selections, enhanced email and SMS shipment tracking, order scheduling and gifting functionality.  Members will  soon be able to shop their favorite ONE ROQ products, and over 5,000 premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage brands at competitive online prices, and all through one, seamless branded experience through the Club. This investment is part of the company’s larger strategy to attract a larger swoth of the 2B global drinkers to benefits of ONE ROQ Club Membership. Finally, this move also further widens the company’s addressable market 20-fold from Vodka ($4ob) to General Alcohol and Beverages (over $1T annually). 
  • A Valuation increase of 12% as been applied to the Company dashboard and is expected to update again upon publishing of Offering III, now expected within days.
  • Future Viability is strong with The Data (Part II) generated during ONE ROQ’s testing in 2019 has strengthend the company’s basis for break-out if it is able to finance its exposure through Offering III. A trailing average 4% conversion was established during testing periods. This marker is reviewed in “Data” of Part II of the Report
  • The Road to Greatness (Part III) offers actionable steps Investors can use to generate value to the company and their stock.

Trailing Company Updates
  • Recent Marketing Activities have quieted to conserve  resources and energy as ONE ROQ prepares to unveil new partnerships to lead its digital acqusition and sales strategy and execute on its most important campaign to date. 
  • Investor Updates: Investors are encouraged to seek updates by visiting the Reading Room, by direct email, or direct chat through ONEROQClub.com or the app.  The company has chosen to update less through Startengine due to StartEngine adminstrative reviews which often delay ONE ROQ’s communications by 2-3 weeks and sometimes are even forgotten about. Therefore, the company wishes to ensure to  investors that their line of communication should be primairly direct through the company’s  mediums, including social media such as ONE ROQ’s Instagram and Facebook
  • Control States:
    • PA Launch: ONE ROQ has been working through the stages of its Launch with Pennsylvania. Due to control procedures at the State, and delays in their distribution and supply chain, ONE ROQ’s distribution to stores has been slower than desired. It is currently expected that product will reach shelves by Halloween. PA Members will be notified by SMS & Email along with their Store Locator tools activated. 
    • Agent Programs are coming which will offer Members the opportunity to become compensated for introduing ONE ROQ to their favorite bars, restautants or retailers. In Control states, where ONE ROQ is not able to be readily shipped by mail, this program will allow the Company and Members to work closer to achieve market placements.
  • Strategic Stage
    • ONE ROQ has been preparing an exciting online strategy to support its plan to build share of the off-premise (home) market. Now that our development is complete and we plan to monetize the platform, we are now setting our sights on the future of the on-premise.
    • While ONE ROQ prioritizes the funding and expansion of its direct to home business opportunity, it is also very exicited to share a visionary plan to bring the ONE ROQ Club into the real world; a highly opportunitisitc – and FAST – plan to build out of home. We can’t say more now, but we can share that this new platform will be listed under: “Future Benefits” in an Offering coming soon. 

For more information, be sure to read or watch the Annual Report, or talk to us with your specific questions. 

We are really looking forward to unleashing our collective power soon. 

The ONE ROQ Team

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