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Our Company During COVID-19


March 31, 2020

March 31st, 2020 – Dear Members,
Many of you are concerned with the state of the pandemic, and its effects on the overall economy. And as we navigate this challenging time as a collective society, our highest priority is the well-being of our families, friends, communities, and our stakeholders. For the safety of our employees and partners — and in accordance with all local and federal government directives — the ONE ROQ team is currently working from our homes in the east and west coasts. Each day, we are working with the knowledge that new developments in the COVID-19 crisis may affect our short-term plans. But we want to reassure you of the unwavering confidence in our long-term plan of building ONE ROQ into the success story it has the potential of becoming, thanks to you. It’s commonly said that people drink in good times and in bad times. For better or worse, this reality, along with other factors that help insulate our Company from market volatility, should provide some comfort to investors. As an example, Nielsen’s latest weekly data reveals that off-premise (retail) alcohol is booming across the market. Nielsen’s total U.S. off-premise sales for spirits soared in the week ending March 14, 2020 – up 26.4% year-over-year (Source: Nielsen, March 24, 2020). While we are sensitive to the nature of the surge, we are grateful to share on aspects of our business that proceed the resilient nature of our industry. Additional positives are being realized through a spike in online sales as the public seeks safer and more convenient  “bottle service” to support our nationwide stay-at-home mandates. ONE ROQ recently published the “TakeABreak” Member and Non-Member home delivery offering promoting its commitment to online service and COVID-19 awareness.  For those who missed it, the “TakeABreak” promotion code offers 35% off purchases until May 1st through ONEROQClub.com.  Please feel free to share this code with family and friends. On the flip side, the on-premise (bars & restaurant) alcohol market is at a complete standstill, and this is straining distributors as large portions of their sales forces have no customers to service. Because of this, alcohol distributors have elected to temporarily freeze new item presentations from suppliers. While this does not disrupt any of our existing flow to existing markets – namely NJ, CA and FL –  this will delay ONE ROQ’s plans to strike new distributor deals to expand into additional markets in 2020. Currently, we are projecting the delay to be no more than 2-3 months. With that, the beverage alcohol market is not immune to this crisis, and many early-stage brands in the alcohol and consumer goods industry as a whole will not survive. However, we feel this will come to benefit ONE ROQ as the playing field becomes cleansed of weaker brands, and distributors and retailers seek to fill voids in their portfolios post pandemic. Know we are working diligently on our future each day, and look forward to sharing new accomplishments, even during these times, that will allow ONE ROQ to hit the ground running as soon as our nation’s challenges are overcome and markets restored. Thank you for sharing our values – and confidence – as part of the ONE ROQ Club community. If you have any concerns, comments, or questions, please email Member Relations at Contact@ONEROQClub.com. Yours in health, Garrett Green Founder & CEO ONE ROQ Spirits, LLC *** For  a chronological list of company news, press releases, and all other historical updates since the company’s founding, please refer to the Updates section of our Offering page.

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