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ORVC-Approved Bar Tools You Can Buy on Amazon


May 26, 2020

Your favorite bar may be closed, but you can still craft your favorite cocktails at home. We want you to grab your bottle of ONE ROQ Vodka, stock up on home bar essentials, and embrace your inner mixologist. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of ORVC-approved bar tools that you can buy right on Amazon.  The All-In-One Bar Tools Set This 16-piece bartender cocktail kit includes a 24 oz. martini cocktail shaker, 50 oz. ice bucket, double size jiggers, and other essential bartending bar tools.  You can buy it here for $80. Bar Kit and Recipe Book This mixology bartender kit comes with essential bar tools, a stand, and a recipe book. All you need is a bottle of ONE ROQ Vodka.   You can buy it here for $68. Steel Cocktail Strainer This durable, stainless steel tool strains ice, fruit, and more so that you can get the best fresh cocktail possible.  You can buy it here for $8.  Cocktail Muddler and Mixing Spoon This 10-inch muddler works great with fruits, herbs, and other ingredients. It also includes a digital cocktail recipe e-book.  You can buy it here for $12.  Steel Double Jigger This long-lasting double jigger is dishwasher safe, which means the laser-etched measurements won’t wear.  You can buy it here for $10.  Electric Blender  This power blender will crush ice and any other frozen ingredients within seconds, making perfect frozen cocktails right in time for summer.  You can buy it here for $120.  Lemon Lime Squeezer This presser will actually squeeze every last drop of juice from your lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits. It’s sturdy, dishwasher-safe, and long-lasting.  You can buy it here for $30.  Once you stock up on all your essentials, be sure to share your picture-perfect cocktails on your Instagram story and tag @oneroq_vodka.

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