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ONE ROQ Vodka Club’s $500k Webinar Recap (Video and Transcript Included)


December 2, 2019

November 21st, 2019 – If you attended ONE ROQ Vodka Club’s webinar on November 20th, you had the opportunity to listen in and participate in a live  discussion between Start Engine’s VP of Sales, Allen Jebsen and ONE ROQ Vodka Club’s Founder, Garrett Green. The webinar encompassed one hour of Q&A’s where investors and prospective investors asked live questions to the Company. These questions ranged from recent accomplishments and current initiatives, to overall brand strategy. If you missed the live event, read the full transcript or watch the video below. 

  Below are some of the questions and answers revisited and simplified by Garrett Green post-webinar. How did ONE ROQ come about?  I am a consumer goods entrepreneur with 14 years of ground-up CPG experience. I become inspired to build an authentic spirits brand in America after observing vodka after vodka continue to tell the same story to consumers yet continuously fail to  deliver on their suggestive promises. That story is the promise that if  bought, that in addition to a superior product, one is sure to additionally receive some measure of social – even financial – status from the brands as well.  This is done through a tactic called Lifestyle Advertising, and is the primary device of marketing premium to high end adult beverage brands throughout the industry. In reality, this promise is never delivered and the true lifestyle rewards of those brands remain a privilege  solely enjoyed  by their owners.  ONE ROQ’s approach is really about authentic and principled drinking – drinking what you own and owning what you drink. Because, if we don’t own the products we use in every day life, we’re not taking advantage of our power/position in the market as consumers, and we are essentially letting brands that don’t treat us as an equal, take advantage. This is a powerful revelation – and value system – that ONE ROQ is taking on the road and using to build a powerful cult following.  What can Investors (Members) do to support ONE ROQ’s current momentum?
  • Share The Club  – by inviting new members to the club, you are driving value to the Company’s stock, and enabling us to get closer to our current  funding goal. We track all new Member referrals through your referral link so we can attribute compliant rewards back to you in the future. 
  • Submit up to (3) Carry Requests – Carry Requests are Member-activated requests that allow our ground teams to schedule appointments with retailers and place ONE ROQ in local retailers on your behalf as an Owner. We are presently processing requests in California. For all other States, we have Manual Request tool that can be used to help ‘warm up’ your local markets. To receive a manual request, e-mail: contact@oneroqclub.com  
  • Upgrade Your Membership (Reinvest) – we have over 1700 Investors. Together, ONE ROQ’s community could fund $170,000 per month to the business by committing a minimum $100 per investor. This is powerful. Not only to do you optimize our model, but you also increase your holdings and future upside potential.
What are the future potential exit options for ONE ROQ? The 12-year historical exit trends in the adult beverage industry are very exciting, and we encourage all investors to study, validate and appreciate the opportunity that ONE ROQ has – if ONE ROQ is able to continue to raise its target financing. With that shared, ONE ROQ has much to accomplish. A National distribution and agent network is paramount. If the trade embraces what ONE ROQ is doing, there is no question of our future success, as we are proving every day through the enrollment of new members, that the vast appeal the ORVC has with adult beverage community – young and old. If we do accomplish our goals the plan will remain finding a qualified buyer of the brand. Whether this happens through a private or a public transaction is TBD. What is the financial performance like right now for ONE ROQ given the status of the raise? Given that the company is raising its initial round of financing, the focus for investors should be on the company’s progress in executing the foundational  of its  platform, technology – which, in addition to our award-winning product – will invariably come to be the “crown jewel” of our brand. We also want the focus to be on ONE ROQ’s strategic building of distribution partners, required to opening ALL of the market. As shared, ONE ROQ Vodka Club is different, and distributor and retailer gatekeepers need to gain understanding and trust in what we are doing in order for our model to operate at its potential.  With the top 5 distribution players moving to consolidate the market with mass brands, this objective becomes bleak without the power of our Members. To date, we have driven over $650,000 in Club Revenues from 1700 global Members and shipped approximately 2,500 cases supplying our growing, direct-to-home sales, initial market entries in  California, and distributor houses in FL, NJ and TX, as part of the Company’s plan to turn on our technology for Members  in these markets in Q1 of 2020. Club growth has been incredibly consistent. We have enrolled 100 Members into the Club every month since our inception and this monthly mean number is now beginning to grow as the ONE ROQ knocks out milestone after milestone in its plan.

Recent Accomplishments and Major Milestones To Recognize

ONE ROQ just launched its Members-Only platform & App (for IOS and Android) on  November 1st. This included the debut of new and enhanced Member Privileges. These Member Privilege experiences include:
  • The Reading Room, which features personalized, monthly company reading content
  • The Gift Shop, which features 20+ custom designed, Member-only gifts
  • Share The Club, featuring enhanced Club sharing tools
  • An interactive dashboard with streaming company updates
  • The Carry Request, an on-demand retailer placement tool designed to allow Members to create their own personal supply chain of ONE ROQ in their local markets.The tool is currently being tested and refined in California.
In tandem with the launch , the Company allowed its first three months of investors (Oct 15, 2018 to Dec 31, 2018) to cash in perks credits in the ONE ROQ gift shop. Are there plans for more competition entries or traditional advertising? ONE ROQ will pursue a comprehensive mix of traditional, digital and grass roots marketing strategies that supports the financial objectives of the Club.  There is a series of never-before leveraged marketing concepts in the pipeline that only our model could pull off. We ask for patience, trust, and conviction in the process. What is the takeaway at this juncture in light of ONE ROQ’s success and what is ONE ROQ focused on in the next 6-12 months?  The biggest indicate to date is the continued public growth of the ONE ROQ Vodka Club (ORVC).  With Member momentum behind it, ONE ROQ will focus its energies in 2020 into new digital campaigns, inventory building,  perfecting the carry request protocol,  landing major retailer and distribution partnerships, and serving our Members. What do you want Members to know right now? We are already accomplishing what many people thought would be impossible. Know that because of you, ONE ROQ has an opportunity to change the way brands are built, and the way brands return value to those that ultimately control them.  We are working every day. Have patience. Trust the process. We will make it. Cheers,  Garrett Green, Founder & Friend


For  a chronological list of company news, press releases, and all other historical updates since the company’s founding, please refer to the Updates section of our Offering page.

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