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ONE ROQ Vodka Club Member Portal Update


November 11, 2019

November 7th, 2019 – To The Community, We currently have 1200 of our current 1600+ Members successfully enrolled into their ONE ROQ Member accounts and using the platform fluidly. For those of you who have not yet received your invitations,  please know that we are continuing to carefully diagnose a number of expected  issues as we introduce our technology for the very first time! To help us identify and improve your experience and the efficacy of our platform, please email your technical issues to: web@oneroqclub .com Related, below are some Frequently Asked Questions that may be helpful to Members that have not yet been able to migrate, as well as other general questions that have been asked more frequently than others in the few days. Q: I’ve invested. Why haven’t I received my Club Invitation e-mail yet? A: There are (3) potential reasons why you may not have received your ORVC invite e-mail yet:  1. You’re not fully invested yet. You will only receive the invite e-mail if your investment  status reads “Funds Invested” in your StartEngine dashboard tracker. Please be sure to check the status to see where you are in the investment process with StartEngine so you can adjust your timing to expect our e-mail accordingly. 2. Your e-mail is blocking or rejecting our e-mail.  Be sure to check your spam folder and make sure to review settings in your e-mail client that may be preventing you from getting our e-mail.  3. We have not cycled through to your e-mail yet, but will shortly.  Q: I am an investor. How do I claim my perks? A: We are currently processing perks for investors who invested during the time-period: 10-15-18  to 12-31-18.  If you are an investor in this period, your Perk Credits will automatically appear in your dashboard once you sign in. These can be used towards any of our Member-only gifts in our gift shop, accessed through your ONE ROQ Club Member account.  Q: When is the next Claim Period for investor perks? A: The next Perk Claim period will be announced 30 days after the close of the current  claim period. The next claim period will be for investors who invested between 1-1-19 and 3-30-19.  Q: Why can’t we claim perks now? A: While ONE ROQ has been able to roll out its platform ahead of the close of our offering, we have elected to stagger our Perk issuance in order to better manage our cash flow amidst on-going monthly expenditures critical to our continued progress and development.  Q: When will the ONE ROQ Carry Request go live in my market // what is the updated schedule for market launches? A: ONE ROQ is methodically introducing & testing its platform in select markets  so it can perfect technology, processes and strategy so it can be ready to scale.  It also needs to have inventories available for each market it launches (building and funding continues).  Finally, regulatory approvals for each market most also be granted. These factors – and more – contribute to our schedule decisions. None pose material change to our general timing and plan. That being shared,  an expected  market launch calendar will be included in our next Company Conference call  which will be spent taking stock of our accomplishments in 2019 and presenting the next stage of our plan in 2020.  For general questions pertaining to this update please e-mail: Contact@ONEROQClub.com   Cheers, ONE ROQ Team *** For  a chronological list of company news, press releases, and all other historical updates since the company’s founding, please refer to the Updates section of our Offering page.

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