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ONE ROQ Vodka Club Member Portal Update


October 23, 2019

November 1st, 2019 –


First and foremost, a warm round of applause on our strong, trailing 30-day investment rally.  In just the last month we have blown by our 50% funding target, providing  continued validation & motivation to more and more investors to secure their positions in our completely original investment offering – to grow the world’s first globally-owned luxury adult beverage brand.  To all of you making this vision a reality, we extend our sincerest thanks and congratulations to you.

Secondly – and excitedly –  we would like to share that the initial version of the  ONE ROQ Vodka Club (ORVC) Members Portal and lifestyle platform has been completed. However, because the platform utilizes an app to enhance user experience, we are still awaiting final approval from Apple, Inc. to go live in the App store.

————–> Revised Launch Member Portal Launch Timing is now:  2-4 business days. < ————–

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  1. Great !!! I am super excited and can’t Waite until One Roq hosts events in and near Louisiana !

  2. Gregory Lingao-lingao

    I live in Arizona and I would love to order more than 1 bottle at a time. Its expensive to because each bottle carries a separate costly shipping charge per bottle.

    • Greg – stay tuned for revised and improved launch schedules – per State – in 2020.

    • Arizona is on the list in 2020!

      Also know we are running Free Shipping until Dec 31th, 2019 with promo code “OYS”

      Cheers and Merry Christmas,

  3. I love it!!

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