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ONE ROQ Vodka Club Hits $500k In Funding

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August 5th, 2019 –  

ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ Vodka, the world’s first member-owned luxury adult beverage brand, announces today it has raised $500k from 1200+ of its Member-owners across the US and the world. Its early funding and development success continues to make ONE ROQ a historical brand in the liquor industry.

“In an industry where ninety percent of the volume is controlled by just twenty or so international conglomerates, not one of them and their universe of brands has offered their customers the opportunity to become owners,” states Green. “ONE ROQ recognizes that consumers are demanding more from brands and the companies who prey on their minds and their dollar. So far, we remain the first and only brand in our respective industry that seems to be listening and supporting this cultural evolution – and of course, we are beyond excited that our Members  will be the ones to benefit. ”

Last month ONE ROQ was a premier sponsor at their first celebrity gifting suite celebrating the 2019 EMMY Primetime Television EMMY Awards on September 21st. The event hosted over 90 actors, entertainers and spokespeople from the entertainment industry, all of whom visited with ONE ROQ personnel and Founder, Garrett Green with intrigue over thee exciting and growing opportunity with ONE ROQ and its platform,

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  1. hello
    was wondering about how long the state of Michigan might become a state you will ship to?

    • We are focused on opening as many States as we can in 2020! Let’s get through holidays and be on the look out for new updates describing revised and improved launch schedules.

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