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ONE ROQ Vodka Club Hits 2,000 Member Milestone


December 27, 2019

ONE ROQ Spirits, the creators of ONE ROQ Vodka Club announced today a new Member milestone with the addition of their 2000th Member as part of an Initial Public Offering and decentralized business model developed by Founder Garrett Green.  ONE ROQ Announces 2,00 Member Milestone Achievement Dec 27, 2019, Buffalo, New York — ONE ROQ Spirits, the creators of the ONE ROQ Vodka Club, announced today a new member milestone of 2,000 Members. ONE ROQ Vodka Club offers consumers the opportunity to become shareholders in the company and enjoy an increasing number of privileges as the brand grows. Defining features include company equity, VIP event invitations, premium content, 24/7 ordering and gifting services, company votes, upside potential, and technology that enables Members to activate local retailers and serving establishments. “We are so excited and thankful for our investors,” says ONE ROQ Founder, Garrett Green. “After making several observations in the industry, we conceived a better approach, allowing consumers the opportunity to benefit from – and play a direct role in – the success of the brand. And we’re proud that we are the first luxury adult beverage company in the world to bring this experience and opportunity to consumers.” Green added, “It will be interesting to see how large brands react when even more consumers begin subscribing to the principle of owning their spirit.” The brand and its international community of 2000+ Member-Owners has raised more than 75% of its initial funding goal, enabling the company to develop and commercialize its Member platform. With initial testing in California, and further tests outside of the State yielding exciting results, ONE ROQ is now focused on advancing increasing sales and distribution opportunities. These opportunities are coming largely through the “Carry Request” tool, a proprietary function within the app that enables Club Members to activate local retailers. Members are encouraged to get their Carry Requests in and also utilize the Carry Request Declaration form to help expedite requests. Timing varies based on location.  ONE ROQ has been shipping its award-winning product direct-to-consumer in 42 States through 1-877-Spirits to support initial Member growth. Members utilize codes through the Membership platform to unlock exclusive offers through 1-877-Spirits.com. In the first quarter of 2020, ONE ROQ plans to move aggressively toward fulfilling hundreds, if not thousands, of Carry Requests to make ONE ROQ available to Members outside of the home.


ONE ROQ Vodka, a next generation adult beverage brand, concierge and membership community is leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy to position the next success story within the highly lucrative, $74 billion distilled spirits market. Since launching, the company has hosted Member events at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Hamptons, the Nassau County Museum of Art, and Art Basel. Upcoming events include the Sundance Film Festival and more soon to be announced.  To join the Club, visit our Offering Page and select “Invest Now.” To schedule a call or interview with someone from ONE ROQ, please email: contact@ONEROQClub.com


A Carry Request is an exclusive tool available to Members of the ONE ROQ Vodka Club, used to activate their favorite retailers to create their own personal supply chain of ONE ROQ, to further relish in the enjoyment and experience of brand ownership. The Carry Request technology supports a unique marketing and services strategy by allowing the company to work on behalf of Members who desire to see ONE ROQ Vodka available at the retailers of their choice To get ROQing on your Carry Requests, login to the ONE ROQ Member Portal via desktop or on the app, and select “Carry Request” to get started. 

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