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ONE ROQ Vodka Club Announces California Debut

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June 15th, 2019 –

California residents can now escape the ordinary with ONE ROQ® Vodka’s highly anticipated arrival. This premier, award-winning vodka is distilled one time and bottled in small batches from pristine, artisanal Colorado mountain water, and hand-picked, mid-western, American corn. The gluten, sulfite and sodium free recipe is best described as “a perfect balance of taste and mouthfeel.”  However, award-winning taste is just part of what makes ONE ROQ® Vodka unique.

Unlike mainstream brands that are often owned and operated by wealthy individuals, or small groups of high, net-worth investors, ONE ROQ@ Vodka invites consumers to become owners themselves by joining their novel brand experience platform,  Joining rewards members with equity in a rising luxury spirits brand and access to a series of privileges designed to enhance their ownership journey.  Naturally, ONE ROQ’s brand campaign is all about inspiring consumers to break free from the status quo by “owning their spirit, ” both financially and socially.

“We recognized an increasing desire by consumers for more equitable relationships from brands, and decided it makes sense for ONE ROQ to become the first premium and luxury spirit brand that consumers can call their own, authentically. We debuted the ONE ROQ Vodka Club (ORVC) through our first public securities offering in October, and today have over 800 Members. And we are growing every single day,” said Garrett Green, Founder and Director, ONE ROQ® Vodka. “ONE ROQ Vodka is the only spirit in the world where consumers become stake holders in world-class spirits company at the ground level and then virtually control the outcome of their investment simply by aligning with the brand using unique tools designed by the Company. We feel this is an example of how capitalism and socialism can intersect to create disruptive innovation that results in tangible financial and cultural progress for consumers.”

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