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ONE ROQ Updates: Alcohol Market, Podcast Feature, and More

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April 23, 2020 –

Alcohol Market Skyrockets During COVID-19, ONE ROQ Receives 94pts from Food & Beverage Network, and Carry Requests Remain Key

Dear Member,

As the nation approaches the beginning of a plan to reopen the economy, ONE ROQ remains focused on advancing its plan to capitalize on its achievements from its first offering. The biggest, single achievement by ONE ROQ resulting from its first offering was the successful development and commercialization of the ONE ROQ Club (ONEROQClub.com) brand experience platform, where it collectively validated its revolutionary model by building a 2700+ Member community actively engaged in the processes, privileges, and tools of the brand. And it is this special relationship – our alignment with Members –  that makes us an unstoppable force capable of achieving anything.

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