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ONE ROQ Updates: Alcohol Market, Podcast Feature, and More


April 28, 2020

April 23, 2020 – Alcohol Market Skyrockets During COVID-19, ONE ROQ Receives 94pts from Food & Beverage Network, and Carry Requests Remain Key Dear Member, As the nation approaches the beginning of a plan to reopen the economy, ONE ROQ remains focused on advancing its plan to capitalize on its achievements from its first offering. The biggest, single achievement by ONE ROQ resulting from its first offering was the successful development and commercialization of the ONE ROQ Club (ONEROQClub.com) brand experience platform, where it collectively validated its revolutionary model by building a 2700+ Member community actively engaged in the processes, privileges, and tools of the brand. And it is this special relationship – our alignment with Members –  that makes us an unstoppable force capable of achieving anything. Recent Weeks  The Company has adjusted to the “new norm” by working with partners to fulfill hundreds of orders through its e-commerce platform in just the last few weeks. And while ONE ROQ prepares for eCommerce to become an increasingly important channel in the coming year, our ability to optimize the unique strategies and long-term goal of the Company remains on new deal making with distributors – and governmental bodies of control states such as VA, PA and MA, etc.  These deals are on pause from COVID-19, but are expected to resume as soon as states begin implementing their plans to re-open in coming weeks. ONE ROQ Receives 94pt Rating Live   We are excited to announce that ONE ROQ recently received 94+pts from Campari America, a top 5 global spirits producer, and the world famous restaurant Honey Salt in Las Vegas, NV. The rating took place in a live review tasting on The Proof Podcast, a division of the Food & Beverage Network.  If you missed it, listen now. The Role of Carry Requests  Since launching our Carry Request tool, we have built – and plan on continuing to build – a National database of Member-requested accounts.  It is important for Members to know that these Carry Requests play a key role in creating and leveraging new distribution agreements, retail activations and state approvals. And because of such a high degree of engagement by Members utilizing the Carry Request tool, we believe we will be able to expedite our original state-by-state launch plan to a national launch plan. However, more is to be concluded as we watch the new dynamics of our market take shape.  Want More Content ?  For an additional source of our monthly news, content, and promotions, don’t forget to join our mailing list at the bottom of ONEROQClub.com  to receive our monthly newsletter.

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