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ONE ROQ Unveils Total Marketplace (Beta)


November 15, 2022


This new amenity is a final development milestone in ONE ROQ’s steps to create a thoroughly differentiated online Wine & Spirits Club delivering consumer advantages for home alcohol buying and personalized gifting –
a $500B+ annual marketInvestors are asked to submit critique of the platform in an effort to adjust and refine the concept as the company moves to publish Offering III and scale online sales and materialize value for investors.


Today, we announce our Member-exclusive launch of ONE ROQ’s total-beverage Marketplace where Club Members can now shop thousands of brands across spirits, wine, champagne and of course, ONE ROQ, through exclusive Member deals.
Investors are encouraged to jump in, leave feedback on their initial experience, and take advantage of deals for their upcoming holiday entertianing and gifting needs. 

New Features of Marketplace 

 – Seamless, integrated Total Beverage shopping under one platform. No more navigating to 3rd party websites (unless residing in Control States)
 – Expansive selections spanning over 2000 popular  spirits, champagne, wine and mixers  have been brought online through technology integrations and industry partnerships
 – Enhanced ordering, gifting, sms & email order tracking,  and new item request tools.
 – Automated Monthly Deals unlocking  10 to 50% off purchases sitewide.  As Membership grows, our financial model will drive down costs and pass savings directly to Members, where we believe we will be able to deliver some of the lowest online prices for alcohol anywhere.   

About the Launch 

Marketplace is a major amenity addition to ONE ROQ Membership, which now connects Members to over 2000 spirits, wines, champagnes, and mixers for convenient online ordering with exclusive member pricing. The move is part of plan to bring Member Benefits to a larger swoth of the global adult beverage market which subsquently increases the company’s addressable market value from the $40B  market of vodka, to the siezmic $550B market of total beverage alcohol, consumed at home. 

The total global alcoholic drinks market was valued at 1.1T in 2021,  where about 50% of the volume is consumed at home. Due to the Pandemic, and an increasingly tech-savvy consumer,  over a quarter of global  drinkers are ordering their alcohol online, a market that is expected to grow by 65% by 2025, according to Forbes.

For investors, the completion and launch of ONE ROQ’s Marketplace will be the most valuable accomplishment of 2022 and maybe to date, as it represents a final milestone in the Company’s development schedule, which means it can now begin investing exclusively in sales growth through its next Offering. 

“We’ve spent several arduous months building Marketplace,” comments Garrett Green, Founder/Director.  “The investment is part of a larger opportunity to meet modern drinkers online with an exclusive advantage for all their alcohol occasions, gifting and lifestyle needs, and where ONE ROQ is a constant must-add.”

“Marketplace is a transitionary event for the Company,”
shares Heath Hettig, Chief Technology Officer. “It’s now a Club with even broader potential now… alot broader. We need Members to give us detailed feedback on their experienxe so we can make it great.”

Investors and Members are now encouraged to explore and test the platform, take advantage of holiday deals, and leave their feedback using the “Feedback ” tab at the bottom of their screens or via survey provided after checkout.  The community-exclusive launch of Marketplace will run for alteast 30 days to collect feedback  before commercializing through Offering III.

To Access Marketplace, login as normal and click “Shop”


How does ONE ROQ benefit from Marketplace ?
The Marketplace completes our vision to build an online Members Club and destination for complete home alcohol and gifting services where Members  benefit through exclusive shopping and financial ownership in what they buy.  And where  ONE ROQ products (and potentially future spirits) benefit from sales as more consumers discover the Club for their home, entertaining and gifting needs. “All tides rise with a rising tide.”

How does ONE ROQ make money through Marketplace
ONE ROQ makes money by selling is products to wholesalers who sell our goods to retailers who fufull our online orders (think Instacart).
ONE ROQ additionally generates revenue through direct sales of subsciptions and official merchandise 
It will also make money from partner fees  paid by brands that benefit from sales through our Membership platform.

How does marketplace benefit consumers?
Marketplace brings thousands inventories of your local liquor store retailers online in one convenient location, and passes along exclusive pricing when Subscribed. 

How Does Subscription reduce costs?
A portion of our subscriber proceeds are allocated to a fund that is used to buydown the cost of alcohol and pass along the savings to you as a Member and/or Owner. 

How are savings calculated?
Savings are calculated before Shipping & Tax is applied. 

Are Prices Competitve?
Because alcohol products (including ours) ship from retailers, and those retailers set their prices, we carefully work with our partnrs to pass along pricing that make sense financially for the Company, and our Members. Importantly, as we grow our subscriber base, prices will steadily become more and more competitive.  Starting out, we believe our prices are competitive and even beat alternative alcohol delivery platforms. When compairing pricing to other sites, be sure to add their Shipping & Tax of  for true comparison.
Our prices are always all-inclusive, delivered prices, garunteed. Meaning, what you see, is what you pay.

Will prices come down?
As more subscribers are reached, ONE ROQ Club Marketplace deals will become better and better. We believe the Club could has the potential to offer the lowest prices for home delivered alcohol anywhere. 


About ONE ROQ® | ONEROQClub.com

ONE ROQ is a luxury adult beverage company aimed at redefinding the luxury brand experience through a first of its kind online Membership Club that delivers award-winning wine & spirits; thousands of fine dining and travel rewards; and  financial offerings where Members can become shareholders for as little as $100.00 and grow with every Club purchase. 

Discover the Benefits of Membership and more at: ONEROQClub.com

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