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ONE ROQ Raises $800k in 2nd Seed Round


September 4, 2021

ONE ROQ raises $800,000 with continued strengthening of investor community, capability, and value creation for Member-shareholders. 

Today, ONE ROQ Spirits eclipses the $800k investment marker and over 4000 total investors through its current online public offering allowing consumers to secure shares in its revenue generating, DTC & retail business. To date, ONE ROQ is among the first luxury adult beverage brands that allows consumers to own, be part of the brand’s financial future, and enjoy unique rewards. 

The company’s outstanding equity crowdfunding success has been attributed to its award-winning product quality & design, a dynamic owners club (slatted for more exciting introductions), and a company ethos focused on evolving consumer brand experience through equity, inclusivity and financial education.

“ONE ROQ is an investment, but just as important, it is also an opportunity to give all people opportunity that mainstream brands do not give,” states Garrett Green, Founder. “Our vision, which we have been manifesting, is building an iconic luxury spirits brand owned by the market.  And with ONE ROQ’s direct ordering technology at finger tips of Members, the ‘house of ONE ROQ’ has the unique power to control that destiny by placing ONE ROQ in their home bars, and simply inviting 5 friends to join the journey.”

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