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ONE ROQ Vodka Conference Call Recap


October 3, 2019

September 26th, 2019 – As a reminder, copies of ONE ROQ’s Conference Call Audio and Presentation are provided. We encourage all Members and prospective Members to review the material for update. As we were limited on time, we were able to cover just about 90% of our updates, but certainly not all. Due to this fact, we will look to reserve additional time in the 4th quarter to organize another call that will allow for more time and more fluid steps to attend as a viewer. As our first set of calls, we will be vastly improving the flow and experience moving forward. For those who have not yet reviewed the material,  there are several areas of the plan that have been enabled by our year to date funding progress. With the holiday season before us (60% of yearly industry sales are conducted between the months of September and Dec 31), we are focused on executing a hand full initiatives to drive our continued funding, development  and launch progress to begin delivering value and rewards to Members. The Major Highlights for recap include: 

  • Imminent Club Launch (Members to create unique profiles, claim perks, explore new privileges, and more)
  • Inventory Building (New goods are on the ground in TX, FL, CA and NY and are being primed for holiday sales ; Dark Chocolate Truffle to make Christmas)
  • ONE ROQ E-commerce Price reduction and packaging enhancements for the holiday season forthcoming
  • The ONE ROQ National RV Tour launch to support our strategic market activations throughout the country over the next 12 to 18 months (we are currently conducting a “Cash Call” of $100 to facilitate financing). Here is how we want to roll:


For  a chronological list of company news, press releases, and all other historical updates since the company’s founding, please refer to the Updates section of our Offering page.

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