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ONE ROQ Invited To Host After Party For Next Global Celebrity Boxing Event

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October 27, 2021

Breaking News 

ONE ROQ has been offered an exclusive agreement to become sponsor and host  of the After Party of the next globally televised, celebrity boxing event. Should we proceed? 

On Friday, Mike Tyson, one of the world’s most well known boxers and celebrities made national headlines after accepting challenge to fight world famous, youtuber and celebrity Logan Paul, which would effectively launch the next multi-million dollar, pay per view exhibition boxing event as early as February. The last event orchestrated by Paul – against Floyd Mayweather – earned 1M pay-per-view viewers and brought in over $50M in ticket sales.

Following our activation in London with Rolls Royce in celebration of the Queen of England’s Birthday, we were contacted by the producer of the upcoming Logan Paul Vs. Tyson boxing event, American Dreams Presents, and offered rights to host the After Party for exclusive guests,  celebrities and ticket holders.

We believe this is a strong media exposure opportunity that would enhance our relations with Hollywood, the sports entertainment industry, and will also lead to new distributors for 2022.

However,  due to cost that is outside of our planned budget this time of year,  we have decided that finalizing the agreement and pursuing the sponsorship will be a decision by Members and their participation to make a pledge of investment that would allow us to meet the funding requirements of the agreement in coming days.

Benefits of ONE ROQ’s Participation

  • Major, global brand exposure leading up to, during and after the event solidifying ONE ROQ as a premier luxury brand sought out by top entertainment and celebrity organizations to have as their preferred drink of choice.
  • 12 VIP guest passes to be  raffled to Members to attend the Main Event and Afterparty. Location is TBD but expected to be NYC, Miami, LA or Las Vegas. Includes drinks, networking and pictures with Logan, Mike, and related celebrities; and preferred hotel booking accommodations up to 50% off for 1 night.
  • Attractive financial terms have been negotiated that would return 100% of the participation fee, plus a % of box office tickets back to the company. 

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