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ONE ROQ Lands Cover Story of Food & Beverage Magazine


May 18, 2020

This month, ONE ROQ landed the cover story of Food & Beverage Magazine for industry innovation and thought-leadership. Read Now Food & Beverage Magazine is a global authority in business intelligence for the food and beverage industry with 12M monthly readers. The magazine’s cover story this month features ONE ROQ, and the article was written by James Beard award-winning journalist and talk show host Jennifer English. “On behalf of our 2500+ and growing Members around the world, we are thrilled and honored to receive this recognition in such a short period of time, and could not have done it without the support and foresight of our investors,” shares Founder and CEO Garrett Green. “While celebration for our accomplishment does not fall on deaf ears during this sensitive time in society, we believe this article will further serve to expand our goals with distributors and retailers who want to be on the cutting edge of brand, marketing, and cultural innovation during and post COVID-19.” To read and share the story, check it out here.

About ONE ROQ Vodka

ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka and ONEROQClub.com, a next-generation adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy to build the next success story within the 74 billion distilled spirits market. ONE ROQ’s vision is to build the world’s first adult beverage brand owned exclusively by everyone. For more information, visit ONEROQClub.com. For interviews, e-mail PR@ONEROQClub.com. 

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