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ONE ROQ Introduces Monthly Delivery


November 12, 2020

ONE ROQ Introduces Monthly Delivery

The Company’s latest Product Offering Introduces New Ordering Conveniences For Regular Purchasing & Sharing Members of ONE ROQ Vodka // ONEROQClub.com

Regular ordering Members and Non-Members now have the option to enroll in reoccurring Monthly Delivery where monthly discounts are automatically applied to each shipment.  Monthly Delivery allows Members to alleviate monthly manual ordering while locking in exclusive monthly discounts it creates for Members and Prospective Members.   The new, branded Monthly Delivery options include The Connoisseur (1 Bottle Monthly), The Savant (2 Bottles Monthly), and the Entertainer (3 Bottles Monthly).  Members can expect to save an average of 35% on orders throughout the year.

To enroll, enter the current month’s discount code provided via ONEROQClub.com during checkout through the bottle store.  Subscribers can cancel and renew at any time.

“ONE ROQ’s latest product introduction creates an expected convenience to our growing community of regular ordering and gifting ONE ROQ Members who love to drink and share their spirit while driving value to the Company and their investments” shares Green, Director.  “Reoccurring monthly delivery options is a small but important feature underpinning our focus on service excellence to Members, and our aim to build a dynamic  ‘direct-to-consumer’  adult beverage brand as part of our overall strategy.”

Related: ONE ROQ’s flavored vodkas, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and Magenta Raspberry are expected to release late in the first quarter with special limited production availability.

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