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February 19, 2021

ONE ROQ [Vodka] Is Creating A New Luxury Experience In Beverage Alcohol, And Is Inviting You To Partake At The Highest Level

By Ryann Pierre, Founder & Editor in Chief of New York Weekly

As consumers, we recognize brands like Captain Morgan, Tito’s Vodka, Josh Wine, and White Claw as “must-haves” for our next social gathering, holiday party, or date night, but few of us question how these brands come to occupy such a trusting place in our lives and who on the end are enjoying the real rewards every time we buy them. According to challenger luxury brand, ONE ROQ, consumers actually decide which brands become popular while enjoying the short-term disposable utility of those brands in which they are designed to provide. But the real rewardsshort and long-termare enjoyed by brand owners. It’s this idea that could translate into catching the next cultural phenomenon in the luxury booze market, with ONE ROQ.

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