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Our Second Consecutive Year Of Steady Growth Is Coming


December 3, 2021

ONE ROQ Heads For Its Second Consecutive Year Of Steady Growth
Yesterday, at 4:20 PST,  Start Engine Published our latest, and perhaps most pivotal update. 

“The following update, shared through ONE ROQ’s December Newsletter, announces that ONE ROQ’s second, consecutive year of positive growth is ahead.  The report indicates the company will finish the year with an over 30% increase in sales, a 40% increase to membership, a 137% increase in valuation (prior v current round not including internal reading), and over $900k raised in the current round with $1.9M+ cumulative raised since beginning….'”

“‘Our update pulls together some of the key accomplishments from the second half and provides estimated performance indicators comparing prior year to current date,” shares Green, Founder & Director.  “We want to congratulate Members and encourage celebration… We are eager to wrap up this milestone year and put our attention to the importance of hitting $1M in funding by December 31st,  and being prepared to capitalize on opportunities that are ahead.”

To read the full update, locate Start Engine’s email sent at 4:2oPM PST on 12-3-21, or jump to ONE ROQ’s Offering Page and navigate to the “Updates” tab. 


About | ONE ROQ Spirits

ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodka, a next-generation lifestyle adult beverage brand, concierge, and membership community aimed at growing share of the 384 billion distilled spirit market through superior tasting vodkas and a dynamic membership club offering portal for compliant direct to home delivery, exclusive content, voting, member-generated content, VIP event access (events have been on hold during Covid), and premium subscription products as part of the Club’s menu of lifestyle-enhancing features. 

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