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ONE ROQ Finalizes Partnership with SelectCard.co, Elevated Member Privileges Coming Soon

Company News

September 19, 2021

Today, ONE ROQ Spirits announces it is moving forward to establish partnership with premier rewards card and membership platform, Select Card.co “The Partnership between ONE ROQ and Select is natural and will allow us to execute on our vision to expand and elevate privileges for Members, as well as adding a new value to the Company, ” shares Management.  Some of the privileges Members will look forward to accessing with ONE ROQ Select include up to 60% off hotel and restaurant bookings at up to 1.2M locations world-wide, access to special events, extensive online rewards from thousands on premium lifestyle brands, and more. 

The ONE ROQ | Select rewards portal & black card, will be added as a new privilege inside the ONE ROQ Club dashboard and activated with preferred monthly subscription.  The company’s new product is expected to launch in October. 

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