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ONE ROQ & Community Crosses $900k, Making History in Spirits Industry As It Prepares For a Close and the Next Stage of its Plan in 2020


January 20, 2020

Investors: See Important Reminders & Updates Below Dear ROQs, It is official – ONE ROQ Vodka and its International community of 2000+ owners are now gliding into the final stages of a successful initial offering. The offering has served to launch ONE ROQ’s gallant and potentially paradigm-shifting marketing strategy to become the next disruptor in the multi-billion dollar adult beverage industry. The distilled spirits market is currently valued at $74B in the US with vodka making up 32% of the volume among major spirit categories, the largest category. An ongoing trend towards high-end consumption highlights consumers’ desire for both higher quality and better brand experience. Industry barriers include a federally regulated supply chain, an ever-consolidating distribution landscape, and seemingly endless advertising budgets of major brands that seek to drown out the voices of smaller, less capitalized brands. But in a world where virtually all high-end spirits are owned by already wealthy celebrities, hedge funds, or multi-national corporations, there is only one that will be owned – and guided – by the market itself, and that means ONE ROQ brings a whole new dynamic to the industry that large brands will not be able to easily adapt to. “ONE ROQ has taken the time to develop innovative strategies to overcome the barriers of the industry and thanks to its members, is already generating data that is supporting its ability to scale its model,” shares the Company. “We are so proud to be one of the first adult beverage brands ever to bring the experience of ownership in a luxury brand – and its privileges – to the mass market. And this is a game-changer because ONE ROQ now gives consumers tangible lifestyle and financial benefits that virtually all other brands in the sector only pretend to give.” ONE ROQ is preparing a more thorough summary that outlines why ONE ROQ’s first year of funding has set it up for continued success in 2020. In the meantime, here are some reminders and live updates for our investors as we close out the first month of a new year – the year that ONE ROQ will move to ROQ the market.

Reminders and Updates

Tax Reporting: 2018 and 2019 US Investors

As a New York State LLC, we are required to file a K1 with the IRS. This form requires your personal tax information to be filled out by the preparer, which is ONE ROQ’s tax accountants. We have set up a secure form on the ONE ROQ Member Dashboard for you to submit your information securely. We ask that all US investors who received their final subscription agreements or certificates in 2019, log in as soon as convenient to submit the information so we can return your forms to you on time to avoid the expense of amendments to your personal tax return.

Timing & Market Launches

With momentum now behind ONE ROQ, the question from many Members is: when and how will ONE ROQ begin showing up in the market? The short answer: this year and by using the Carry Request tool!

Carry Requests

Carry Request submissions made by Members are showing potential to be the lightening rode that accelerates our market activations across the US… not over the next 3 years, but we believe now, over the next 6 to 18 months! Why? The Carry Request allows us as a community to directly communicate our interest, our ownership, and our demand to make ONE ROQ a staple offering on retailer shelves and backbars. It one thing to present an item as a supplier, it is another to have the market demand the produce through the front door. This is game-changing. Carry Requests are also key to creating a more efficient supply chain of ONE ROQ to Members in their local markets. i.e., Home delivered and gift packaged bottles are currently $50, whereas product sold through brick and mortar will be $27 to $34 with cocktails between $5 and $8, depending on the market. Traction: ONE ROQ has received over 500 Carry Requests since introducing the app in November. Around 45 days later we promptly set the tool live nationwide. Thanks to continued requests by Members across the country, ONE ROQ is preparing to announce a revised market launch list for 2020. To help get the ball rolling in your local market, log in to the ONE ROQ dashboard or app and submit up to 6 retailers you want to see carry ONE ROQ in 2020!  We recommend 1 to 2 bottle retailers and 3 to 4 of your favorite bars or restaurants. Timing of RequestsDue to the development stage of our distribution network, Carry Request fulfillment is currently taking anywhere from 30 to 90 days in distributed markets (CA). In non-distributed markets, please anticipate up to 120+ days. Note, we are currently preparing to announce a hand full of new distribution agreements that will allow us to begin bringing ONE ROQ into your market.

Share The Club 

We now have over 2,400 Members, $800k+ raised, and an increase in company value of 7.7%+, and that’s not including the measurable and predictable traction now being created through our differentiated marketing platform. We are quickly moving beyond speculative investment to an early-stage disruptor in a multi-billion dollar market. By introducing new Members, ONE ROQ will continue to grow its Membership, its budget, and the Company’s stock value. Let’s take advantage of this simple, yet extremely effective method to bring more of our peers into the world of ONE ROQ.


ONE ROQ continues to land amazing destination events all over the country for ONE ROQ and its Members, including this past week’s bombshell partnership with ESPN to sponsor the 2020 XGames in Aspen, CO!   Our sponsorships are more than exposure, they are unique experiences designed to be enjoyed by our owners. We are so excited about the possibilities that this growing platform will continue to bring. On deck is the 2020 Sundance Film Festival where ONE ROQ will be sponsoring and co-hosting two industry receptions, inviting Members to a sneak peek of Hollywood’s most prestigious film festival in a posh, wintry setting.


We are preparing for our 2019 Q1 Investors to soon be able to claim perks. Stand by for a dedicated update. Cheers, ONE ROQ Team

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