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ONE ROQ Announces Intent-to-Partner with SelectCard.co


August 18, 2021

ONE ROQ Vodka  Club announces it has developed an intent-to-partner with premier rewards card, SelectCard.co to launch ONE ROQ SELECT, an extensive rewards portal for Members featuring  exclusive and unlimited VIP benefits such as complimentary drinks, on-demand restaurant and hotel booking, and up to 60% off at over 1.2M hotels, restaurants, nightlife venues, and other premium brands and experiences. ONE ROQ SELECT would be launched as one of ONE ROQ’s first paid premium privileges creating a new revenue channel for its business and shareholders. Final tenants of the potential partnership are finalizing. 

“We are excited to have the chance to potentially partner with SELECT Card to diversify and elevate ONE ROQ Club privileges, rewards  of ONE ROQ Vodka Club Membership,” shares Garrett Green, Founder/Director. “This is another demonstration of the value creation opportunities that are possible with ONE ROQ’s unique business model and brand platform. We look forward to hearing the feedback from our over 4,000 owners on this opportunity.”

For questions or feedback, use our live chat at ONEROQClub.com 

ONE ROQ | Select would be installed  as a new product of the ORVC. The paid service would unlocks access to on-demand restaurant & hotel bookings, live concierge, an extensive rewards portal, and the ONE ROQ Select Black Card, exclusive to ONE ROQ Owner-Members, worldwide. 

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