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ONE ROQ Club Is Now Re-open


February 24, 2021

New $1M Max Extension Means ONE ROQ Will Advance in 2021.


  • ONE ROQ, makers of ONE ROQ Vodka Club has officially raised its offering max from $369k to $1.07M   ( @.43c /share ), and is now accepting live investments through an extension of its second-ever public offering. Proceeds from the offering will go towards ONE ROQ’s 2021 inventory production, staffing, technology development, market launches, and strategic expansion of ONE ROQ’s DTC platform.
  • In recent weeks, ONE ROQ has hired two distributor development veterans and is already beginning to secure new markets amid gross industry challenges for new brands in 2021.  A future virtual event is being planned to summarize accomplishments, current initiatives, and the future of ONE ROQ.
  • ONE ROQ believes its novel marketing approach and $23M offering valuation continues to offer investors a nascent stage investment opportunity in light of the $100B addressable market of Vodka ( 30% of $365B total global spirits market )


The Offering & Recent Investments

ONE ROQ has extended its maximum offering to $1M and is officially commencing the processing of all pending investments within the next two weeks.  This update marks an official “dislodging” from 2020 administrative delays and a return to business as usual from financing and member growth perspective.  The offering price will remain at .43c/share while the Company continues to drive material value through active business accomplishments.


The unusual delays in accepting the most recent investments from investors were a mixture of arduous public reporting requirements as well as Covid-induced administrative delays with our extended team of partners.  Let it be known, the average time to process investment, from investment commitment to clearing (when you receive your shares + access to the ONE ROQ Club), is approx 7-14 days.  The Company is committed to returning to this schedule with the recent amendment and 2020 compliance filings completed. 

Moving Forward 

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