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Official: VIRGINIA Members Can Now Have Their Preferred Bars or Restaurants Carry ONE ROQ


October 21, 2020

Virginia Members! For those of you wanting to enjoy a ONE ROQ cocktail at your local bar, lounge or other cocktail serving establishment, your time has finally come. Thanks to your Carry Requests submitted in the first quarter of 2020, ONE ROQ and the Virginia ABC have officially made it possible for any cocktail-serving establishment in Virginia to order and stock ONE ROQ for you.  And we are actively working on the same arrangement for the 16 additional US Control States for our Members residing in those States.  To take advantage of this opportunity, simply talk to your preferred bar or restaurant location(s) about bringing in ONE ROQ, and why you feel they should carry it.  You can mention things like our unique and growing membership community via ONEROQClub.com, our unique Club privileges, superior taste, or of course, that you are an Owner.  Most importantly, be sure to let them know that their initial order must go to our ABC special order agent, Todd Neeter, and his contact is available on our Wholesalers by State link. Additional States where Members can have their local bars, restaurants or liquor stores carry ONE ROQ include:  CA, FL, NJ and GA.   Note, all Ordering contacts for retailers interested in Carrying ONE ROQ are always provided on our Wholesalers by State page. For questions or tips to get your local bar,  restaurant or liquor store selling ONE ROQ, contact us at ONEROQClub.com   Cheers, ONE ROQ Team

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