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Now Launching Texas


July 20, 2021

Dear Texas Members, 

Today we announce the official launch sequence of Texas!   Here’s what it means…

Its all about you & enjoying ONE ROQ where you want, when you want. 

While our 24/7 online concierge via will continue to be your go-to solution for your home stocking and gifting needs, our agreement with Favorite brands of Texas is intended to allow us to attempt to place liquor stores, bars,  restaurants or nightclubs, using Carry Requests as our guide. 

Ultimately, the purpose of our launch is to be able to make placements at locations that you ultimately wish to enjoy your product through, share with friends, and of course, spread the good word on ONE ROQ.  

Carry Request Fulfillment

Carry Request fulfillment timing will not be universal. For example, Requests made on corporate or chain-driven establishments (i.e., Specs,  Total Wine, PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory, Mortons, etc) will always require a longer period of time to gain approval. 

Tips to Help:  always be asking for ONE ROQ at locations to get the brand top of mind with bartenders, store managers, etc. This way when we reach out, they have heard about us and will be more inclined to accept placement. 

Current Stage 

At this time,  Favorite Brands brands sales teams (our agents in the field) are finishing their sales training so they can attack the market  – and your Carry Requests – with confidence. 

We currently have over 90 Carry Requests in Texas and we’re expecting there to be over 100 by the end of this week with your new or updated submissions. 

Per usual, to submit or update your carry requests, simply login to your dashboard and navigate to Carry Requests. Note, new 2-way communication is now enabled which will allow you to communicate to your agent on status and strategy.

For more more ways to support our launch, you can also refer to our Texas Launching email, now available in your inbox. We even have some pretty cool swag to rally up with.

For questions or support anytime, feel free to use our live chat tool at or via your app. 

We look forward to reporting on our progress in the field as we begin making placements. 

Let’s ROQ it,  Texas!

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