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New Retailer App Portal Would Allow Retailers To Buy ONE ROQ “Direct” in Select States


August 17, 2021

Upcoming completion of a new app-based ‘direct’ ordering portal for Retailers represents a important achievement in ONE ROQ’s business strategy that would allow it leverage technology to grow its sales, support distributors,  and increase company value.

US Retail Market

  • The US beer, wine, and liquor store industry includes about 34,000 establishments, with combined annual revenue of about $51.1 billion –  First Research
  • In 2017, the number of establishments in the bars, taverns and nightclub industry in the United States was forecasted to reach 62,602 locations with revenues of $24.01 billion – Statistica.   (Note: ongoing business closures and buying hesitation among bar & restaurant operators continues during the Covid-19 pandemic)

Major distributors who seek to protect market share of  major brands are continuing to create intense barriers for new entrants to achieve market penetration within retailers and bars, and in many instances distribution itself. While ONE ROQ is hedging against these barriers by taking advantage of the growing DTC alcohol market, it has also been quietly developing technology that would allow it to lean on its digital marketing prowess to build direct relationships with bars and retailers, reducing reliance on distributors to generate its sales, and achieve placements for Members.

ONE ROQ’s retailer app portal can be downloaded and activated by any licensed retailer in the US by downloading the ONE ROQ Vodka app, and clicking the “Retailer” link on the app home screen to get started.  Inside the portal, retailers will be able to place orders, access merchandising tools, and product knowledge resources. Orders submitted by retailers will be routed to ONE ROQ’s distributor on record, and deliveries made as quick as next-day. The app will also provide automated depletion reminders and optional reoccurring delivery to participating retailers.

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