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Michigan Launch Update


April 20, 2021

Dear Michigan Members,

Last week, our Founder Garrett toured Detroit, Troy, Warren, and other areas visiting over 25 new retailers of ONE ROQ VODKA and the ONEROQClub.com. In just under two months we are now in over 40 new retailing locations. These locations can be found using the Store Locator tool, here.

The extra care we are taking by visiting the market is essential to making sure all new retailers understand what makes ONE ROQ like nothing else and how as retailers, they can share the Club to create even more Members through their retail establishments.

While we educate new retailers during our launch, we also are empowering Members to ask for and demand ONE ROQ at their Carry Requested locations. Because having you ask for ONE ROQ at new locations – coupled with entering carry requests for those locations – will help us triangulate on those accounts with our sales team, and ultimately create your own personal supply of the spirit, owned by you.

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