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Members Respond. ONE ROQ Breaks $700k + 400 New Members In June


July 1, 2021

Its July 1st, and ONE ROQ just surpassed $700k in investments in Round II with over 400 New Members joining in just the the last 30 days. The momentum follows a call to action by Founder, and heeded response by Members.

Just two weeks ago, a call-to-action by our Founder, Garrett Green, led to an immediate response by a segment of ORVC Members to help fund inventory initiatives for the up coming 4th quarter. Members who invested upgraded their holdings at the current .43c/share offering, and  who will additionally benefit from receiving up to 10% of their investment back via perk shopping credits to their ONE ROQ Club dashboards in the coming year. This means that equity purchases came – and continue to come – with a 10% discount on equity for investors. And after this round, and given ONE ROQ’s continued accomplishments, the price per share is anticipated to not be this low again.

“We are proud, thankful and charged after seeing the response,” shares Garrett Green, Founder / Director. “And amazingly, it is only a small demonstration of the total power this community wields…immense growth and value creation is at our fingertips and the Road to Greatness Initiative will be our platform to unleash it…”

The Company’s successful internal funding initiative came on the heels of a major distribution partnership in Texas that is requiring the company to ramp up production for growing sales opportunities in the 4th quarter. ONE ROQ is expected to announce the official kick off in Texas  next week with Members, (aka, the “Texas ROQs”).

The distribution deal in Texas is not all that is on the up and up with ONE ROQ. At present, ONE ROQ is a proven, direct to consumer (DTC) business with an opportunity to scale sales inside of US markets that allow DTC shipments, which include top US markets.  To capitalize, ONE ROQ needs to be focused on two primary activities: building inventories and scaling its advertising that is successfully growing Membership and its organic sales.  And given ONE ROQ’s empirical basis for growth, competitor brands have reason to be scared of ONE ROQ.

ONE ROQ is now demonstrating clout to do deals with distributors that matter, which is critical to bringing the vision of a National Carry Request (CR) fulfillment infrastructure to fruition. (Remember, in alcohol, suppliers need distributors in every single state to clear and distribute their products to retailers. And in some, states, you even need two distributors. 

 For those new to the CR tool, the Carry Request is a marquee privilege of the ORVC that allows Members to enter requests to have ONE ROQ made available at their favorite local bars and restaurants for personal enjoyment. This innovation also doubles as a tool that allows the company to direct selling efforts more efficiently with distributors.  Currently, the Carry Request platform is live in Georgia, Michigan and is about to be turned on for Texas.  California and Florida are also back in queue for reactivation, post Covid.  

“We are really excited about where we are from technology, platform perspective. Membership is growing at a consistent clip, organic DTC sales are trending up, and new partnerships are being done almost every month that are either building our distribution tracks, or taking Member privileges to the next level,” shares Garrett.  

In more recent news, last month ONE ROQ  announced a marketing collaboration with it’s online fulfillment partner, 1877 Spirits, that now permits Members of the ORVC (investors in ONE ROQ) to use their monthly discount codes towards purchases of two of the most popular premium alcohol brands in the world, Casamigos and Josh Wine.  This recent move’s value cannot go overlooked given the millions of drinkers of these brands who can now take advantage of highly competitive online prices through the ORVC, plus a suite of unbelievable rewards included in Membership.  And let’s not forget that the parent company of Casamigos is a potential acquirer of ONE ROQ. 

On the Horizon

ONE ROQ is currently working fiercely to launch more new and enhanced Club privileges, such as Spotlight, a inter-community advertising and member-generated content platform;  ONE ROQ Music, an official Spotify channel that will feature playlists and monthly drops based on Member music preferences selected in their profiles; and ONE ROQ Select, an enhanced concierge card that unlocks 40% off bills and/or complementary cocktails at globally renowned restaurants, and up to 60% off room rates at 1.3M hotel locations, and that’s not all. 

This and more is part of the growing world of ONE ROQ, and its owned by you. 

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