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October 11, 2022

All across the world Investors in ONE ROQ write in to tell us how much they appreciate being part of the ONE ROQ family, and many have great things to share beyond appreciation.

One of many examples is Investor and author Joseph Lizyness, who sent in this contributed post this week for the ONE ROQ Reading Room for our Member’s digest. We found it insightful, earnest and educational. If you like these kearnals, be sure to check out his book, Angel Investing with $100, available on Amazon!  

A Quick on ONE ROQ and my Future in a Glass

by Joseph Lizyness,  ONE ROQ Investor, Member and Author of Angel Investing with $100

I’m not your traditional investor. I’m on the fringe. Always scanning. Always watching trends. But where I listen and how I listen is reflective of my generation; our methods and our value systems. I am not your traditional investor, and I submit to you that I believe no great investors are. 

The Moment I Knew I was going to Invest in ONE ROQ

Here are three reasons why.

  • First, I wanted to have a stake in a premium alcohol brand that I could share with family and friends. ONE ROQ is a great discussion starter with others. And the market is insanely large and sturdy; a 12 year plus positive YOY growth trend and a market defined by frequent, and very large brand acqusitions.
  • Second, I wanted to offset my startup portfolio risk of tech startups with a brand that to me was a safer bet. While tech startups often go years without much progress in terms of revenue growth, a premium vodka brand would see physical product movement and due to the nature of the club, have thousands of voices championing its brand.
  • Third, I believed in the CEO and founder being the right jockey for ONE ROQ. Garrett is the type of founder you bet on, the type that has vision and can execute, the rare breed. Garrett’s resume spoke volumes with his leadership in the National launch of the Elmhurst Milked brand and having started the #getfried brand and sold to MyFrii (Zorbility) Company in under 4 years after growing to 15 global locations. 

ONE ROQ Touchpoints that resonate with me

ONE ROQ has been a great discussion starter when gifting bottles to family and friends. To this day, the first response I receive when others open the perfectly packed tube is that the ONE ROQ bottle is luxurious. Often, the remarks speak that the bottle is simply too beautiful to drink – which is why of course I have multiple unopened display bottles that decorate my home bar and a seperate stock below deck to keep the good times flowing. 

The ONE ROQ website is incredibly clean and the process of ordering merchandise and bottles is easy, so I really can’t wait until the new marketplace is launched. I also think our flavors – and ability to make new ones – is a really cool experience.  The community voted for Pineapple Peach to be the next flavor, but it could be Spring of 2023 for the release to go public. As I voted for Pineapple Peach, I am particularly excited about ordering and promoting this new label. Summer of 2023 is going to be a blast.

The community is something I have personally seen move mountains in both digital and traditional markets.  GameStop is one such example where a community leveraged their power to move the stock.  I am really hopeful about this community and their collective power. Members and their perspectives matter. Let’s listen and learn from one another, and we will move our own needles!

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